Hurricane Harvey

August 30, 2017
Dear NOW supporters,
I’m sure you are all as concerned for the victims of Hurricane Harvey as I am.  Some of you have loved ones and friends in its very destructive path, and even if you don’t, the photos and news are harrowing. These are people in great need.
I have made an online donation for Hurricane Harvey victims to the American Red Cross. I encourage you to do the same, if you can afford to do so. Here is a list of other organizations that are taking donations if you prefer to donate to a different organization.
If you do send a check, adding a special memo like “In honor of Texas/Louisiana NOW and ALL women in need” will help show our support. If you would please take a selfie holding the check before you send it, please email it to us at and we will post it to our AZ NOW Facebook page and website.
Thank you for all you do!
For NOW,
Sheila Ogea
AZ NOW Policy/Spokesperson

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