Let's keep up the pressure on Governor Ducey!


We need to continue to speak up for our families and communities, despite the catastrophic budget.


As you know, we allocate an ever-increasing proportion of the state budget to mass incarceration at the expense of neighborhood schools and badly needed social services.


Join with us - parents, foster parents and grandparents, teachers and schools administrators, business, community and faith leaders, students and seniors - in demanding that Governor Ducey provide badly-needed resources for children and families, especially those who are most vulnerable and underserved.



Here's how to show Governor Ducey that you won't be silenced:


1.     Buy a postcard with a nice picture of Arizona. You can find one at any drug store.


2.     Write your own message to Governor Ducey, including 2 or 3 of these points:


A.     Stop spending more and more taxpayer money on prisons. Utilize alternatives to prison that keep low-risk offenders in their communities - working, taking care of their kids, and paying taxes - and cost much less than incarceration.


B.     Compel the Department of Corrections to assign many more inmates to transition programs towards the end of their sentences. This would result in lower recidivism and safer communities.


C.    Cancel the plans for new prison beds. We don't need more incarceration.


D.    Terminate our relationships with the three private prison companies. For-profit incarceration is just wrong.


E.     Develop programs to keep kids in school. More education means less incarceration.


F.     Invest in education, including neighborhood schools, public universities, and community colleges. Every kid deserves a great education, and a strong economy requires a well-educated workforce.


G.    Stop the corporate tax giveaways.


3.     Sign your name and address.


4.     Address to Rae Hopf, 1207 W. Manor St., Chandler, AZ 85224.


5.     Stamp and mail by May 1st.

6.     AJA will join with other community groups to deliver these citizen messages to the Governor with the media watching.

Contact Amy Halpern Laff at amyhlaff@gmail.com or (480) 215-2710 with any questions or suggestions.

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