National Organization for Women - AZ - Political Action Committee (PAC) Federal Candidate Survey
Welcome to the AZ NOW PAC endorsement process!

  1. online via google survey link above
  2. print the completed pdf survey (from link) and mail to:
    NOW PAC AZ c/o Kathryn Baumgardner P.O. Box 45558 Phoenix, AZ 85064
  3. email completed survey to:

The National Organization for Women is a grassroots feminist organization. The strength of our endorsement lies with the support and enthusiasm that our members bring to the campaigns of candidates endorsed by NOW PAC.
All Arizona candidates seeking AZ NOW endorsement must fill out this application first to be considered for the AZ NOW PAC & AZ NOW Board. Some candidates may have a follow-up interview. Find out more at the NOW website:
Thank you for running for office! Aside from the obvious benefits of running for office, YOU are providing a model for young women to be a part of our democratic process.
On behalf of the AZ NOW Board and AZ NOW PAC, I wish you every success in your feminist campaign.
Kathryn Baumgardner, AZ NOW PAC Coordinator 2015-2017

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