2016 2nd round of AZ NOW PAC Endorsements Women’s votes will decide the future


As welcome as monsoon rain in the Sonoran desert, the AZ NOW PAC showers the Valley thirsty for feminist voter guidance

Women’s votes will decide the future

8.4.2016 – Kathryn Baumgardner, AZ NOW PAC Coordinator, released the second set of endorsements for the upcoming primary election.

Based on answers to our survey, AZ NOW PAC endorses:

MICHELLE ROBERTSON – Maricopa County Superintendent of Schools

KIANA MARIA SEARS – Mesa Unified School District Governing Board



DAVID BRADLEY – LD 10 State Senate

RALPH ATCHUE – LD 11 State Senate

SCOTT PRIOR – LD 16 State Senate

SEAN BOWIE – LD 18 State Senate

KATIE HOBBS  – LD 24 State Senate

ERIC MEYER- LD 28 State Senate

MARTÍN QUEZADA – LD 29 State Senate

DANIEL HERNANDEZ JR  –LD 2 State Representative

CARMEN CASILLAS  – LD 8 State Representative

RANDALL FRIESE  – LD 9 State Representative

PAMELA POWERS HANNLEY  – LD 9 State Representative

KRISTEN ENGEL – LD 10 State Representative

BRANDON DWYER – LD 15 State Representative

CARA PRIOR – LD 16 State Representative

SHARON STANDARD – LD 16 State Representative

DENISE “Mitzi” EPSTEIN – LD 18 State Representative

DEANNA RASMUSSEN-LACOTTA – LD 21 State Representative

TAMMY CAPUTI – LD 23 State Representative

KATHLEEN RAHN  – LD 25 State Representative

CELESTE PLUME – LD 26 State Representative

KELLI BUTLER – LD 28 State Representative

The Arizona heat is not the only source of a mirage that has left voters in a haze. Candidates are fiercely fighting for their primary victories, leaving voters and the issues behind. The AZ NOW PAC offers a tall glass of water with its second round of endorsements. On Wednesday, August 3rd, early voting began for the Primary Election. AZ NOW’s members and others educated by the AZ NOW PAC endorsement process can rely on the rigorous questions on a broad feminist agenda that includes reproductive rights and justice, economic justice, ending violence against women, racial justice, LBGTQIA rights, and constitutional equality. This second round of feminist freedom fighters and up-and-comers listed here supports feminists dedicated to electing a majority of public officials who are committed to the advancement of women’s rights at all levels of political office.

National NOW has endorsed Victoria Steele for CD 2. This endorsement is based on the AZ NOW PAC federal candidate endorsement survey and resulting recommendation.

Contact: Kathryn Baumgardner,, 602-430-9454



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