In an effort to make a difference in Arizona, AZ NOW wants to encourage our members and friends to become more actively involved in our community and state government by educating them about what our legislators are doing. Following is an important issue!


2016 United States NOW PAC



United States (US) Races

National NOW/PAC has made the following endorsements. For Arizona
candidates they are based on AZ NOW PAC’s recommendations:

US President: Hillary Clinton

US Senate: Ann Kirkpatrick

US House CD 2: Victoria Steele

US House CD 9: Kyrsten Sinema


Arizona Legislative Races

Dist. 2 Senate: Andrea Dalessandro

House: Daniel Hernández Jr.

Dist. 6 Senate: Nikki Check Bagley

Dist. 8 House: Carmen Casillas

Dist. 9 House: Pamela Powers Hannley

House: Randall Friese

Dist. 10 Senate: David Bradley

House: Kirsten Engel

Dist. 11 Senate: Ralph Atchue

Dist. 15 House: Brandon Dwyer

Dist. 16 Senate: Scott Prior

House: Cara Prior

House: Sharon Stinard

Dist. 18 Senate: Sean Bowie

House: Denise Epstein

Dist. 21 House: Deanna Rasmussen-Lacotta

Dist. 23 House: Tammy Caputi

Dist. 24 Senate: Katie Hobbs

House: Lela Alston

House: Ken Clark

Dist. 25 House: Kathleen Rahn

Dist. 26 House: Celeste Plumlee

Dist. 27 Senate: Maritza Miranda Saenz

Dist. 28 Senate: Eric Meyer

House: Kelli Butler

Dist. 29 Senate: Martín Quezada


Other Endorsements


Maricopa County Board of Directors, Special Healthcare District No. 1: Jana Lynn Granillo
Maricopa County Superintendent of Schools: Michelle Robertson


Creighton School District Governing Board: Jeanne Casteen

Creighton School District Governing Board: Amy McSheffrey

Mesa Unified School District Governing Board: Kiana Maria Sears

Phoenix Union High School District Governing Board: Lela Alston



Our PAC is made up of volunteers who spend many hours creating, sending out, and compiling the results of our candidate surveys. BUT, it costs several hundred dollars to print and mail our endorsements to the 60% of AZ NOW members for whom we have no email addresses. Won’t you help support our efforts for the primary and the November elections?

Please give what you can afford-even $5 or $10 would help a great deal!

Do you like what you see here?

We need $$$.$$ $upport.

You may donate online via PayPal

Or, send your contribution (payable to AZ NOW PAC) with your name, address, occupation, and employer’s name to: AZ NOW PAC, c/o Sheila Ogea, 2341 N. Pyrite, Mesa 85207-2509.

Check for updates.

Paid for by AZ NOW PAC

For NOW,

Sheila Ogea

AZ NOW Policy Spokesperson; 480-277-7732 (c)

AZ National Organization for Women PO Box 254, Tempe, AZ 85285

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