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The North High School Affiliate Chapter was marching today. I saw them across the crowd holding NOW Rounds with determination and compassion. The knowledge of their empowerment and seeing their joy was one of the most satisfying moments of my career as a teacher. Kathryn Mitchell Baumgardner 

It's your turn. What was a highlight of the #WomensMarch for you?

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  1. Helena Mccutcheon
    Helena Mccutcheon says:

    12 hours, two layovers, a bus, shuttle, metro ride to be at the march in DC, my flight was gifted by a woman that is a WWII Vet, someone I never met, but was compelled to send someone that could walk in her place.
    It was a life changer, forever moved by the positive call for peace and unity

  2. Jessica Young
    Jessica Young says:

    Being surrounded by 500,000 people of ALL genders, races, creeds, ages, and orientations. No one got violent and the only restlessness was a desire to march and chant and sing on the streets of DC. Marchers routinely shared snacks with each other. We guarded possessions in lines for bathrooms and shared tissues when toilet paper ran out. And EVERY SINGLE TIME a DC cop or city worker drove by or broke up a cluster of people to let non-marchers get through, the crowd stopped and cheered. The crowd was supportive of law enforcement and more than a few cops tacitly or overtly expressed their support for the march too. It was an INCREDIBLE day and night.

  3. Cynthia A Gaines
    Cynthia A Gaines says:

    I attended the March in DC this last Saturday with my sister, my daughter, my niece, three friends and a half million other beautiful. The atmosphere was kind, loving and supportive. Everyone smiled and complimented each others’ signs. It was crowded, not enough Port-A-Pottys, but of course, no one expected such a crowd. It was an experience we will never forget. So proud to be a small part of this movement!


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