#NOWaz Reposting 1-3-17 Peaceful Unity March in solidarity with the Women's March on Washington, 1-3pm Saturday, 1-21-17, 45 Birch Blvd (West Sedona) Marching 89A to the first traffic light with signs (we have peaceful message signs for you or feel free to bring your own).
sedona-womens-marchFor More Information Emailwmwsedona@gmail.com, Website: Women’s March on Washington: Sedona, Arizona Facebook Event: Click here
We will march together in several Arizona locations, including Sedona, on January 21, 2017 in support of the WOMEN’S March on Washington, as people of all genders, ages, colors, and personal expressions, to speak out for equality, freedom, and justice in the United States. We will march to support each other, because we recognize our mutual respect for, and commitment to, justice for all, and to inclusiveness as a key American value.
img_4104-2Our country is experiencing an increased tolerance for the expression of hatred, prejudice, and violence. We meet that with its opposite: vigilance, activism, and our consistent, clear, public expression of our own values. To paraphrase Eleanor Roosevelt, we will not waste time cursing the darkness; we are lighting our candles. We oppose the darkness by calling it out, and by standing firm in our own core beliefs. We overcome our own anger, fear, and despair by standing together in contrast to the frightening noise now taking center stage in America. Enough positive, active, energetic support of the good we believe in creates a tipping point over which hatred, and ignorance cannot win.
We support protection for undocumented families living here. We demand protection for children of all colors, faiths, abilities, backgrounds, and genders. We march to support refugees who need safe haven, as we recognize that unless we are descended from American Indians, we are either immigrants, or descendants of an immigrant. We are a nation of immigrants. We march to support protection of not only constitutional guarantees, but of the principles and values we were proud of in our youth, those values we believed embodied America before we grew old enough to know how far we are from that vision.
img_4103-4We invite any families, or immigrants, whose security has been threatened. If you are in that situation, or have an inroad to those communities, please, please share this with them. We would like to make it clear that we support these folks.
Please join us. We will have signs, but feel free to bring your own. Keep the message positive. We need to show that the vision of our country now being presented is not one we accept, nor will we stop creating the country we want to share with others. So, keep your signs positive, to build toward the creation of a fair and equal nation, or just show up, and carry one already made.

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  1. Darlene Bergquist
    Darlene Bergquist says:

    Hopefully everyone will give our new President a chance. We stood up for President Obama for eight years even though we did not vote for him.


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