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AZ NOW Legislative Alert 2-26-17

Now that the deadline has passed for hearing bills in the house of origin, the list of bills I'm following has decreased.  But the need for action gets more desperate as the bad bills get closer to passage and the good ones run out of time.  There is something for everyone (and against you too) in this list.

Spread far and wide.  Thanks for all you do.
Dianne Post, Legislative Liaison NOW

 2017 Legislation List –Action Alert on 2/26/2017 Items requiring action are noted in BOLD.  Contact information at bottom.

HCR 2007 Allow legislature to repeal referenda - overturns the voter protection law that says the legislature cannot overturn a voter approved referendum OPPOSE - PASSED House, 35-25
URGE Senate President not to assign.
HCR 2010 Constitutional Convention - the last thing we need now is a constitutional convention run by the Alt Right to re-write the constitution. OPPOSE - PASSED HOUSE 31-27  FAILED in Senate on 3rd read 13-17.
HCR2016 Care enough to get in the way of bullying etc. SUPPORT - PASSED House 56-2  amended, on to Senate
HB2021 Eligibility child case assistance, eligible families with children under 25 can be engaged in school rather than work so long as they maintain a C average SUPPORT - PASSED House 46-12, as amended
HB2086 ID cards – prohibits municipalities from issuing ID cards, OPPOSE - PASSED HOUSE – 33 to 25, SENATE assigned to Government.
HB2091 Repeal required fingerprinting for TANF, SNAP SUPPORT -  PASSED HOUSE, Senate Health and Human Services hearing on 3/1, sign in with RTS to support or contact members.
HB2238 Sex trafficking – changing “child prostitution” to “sex trafficking” to fit with federal and international law SUPPORT PASSED House unanimously.    Hearing in Senate Judiciary  on 3/2, sign in with RTS to support or contact members.
HB2268 Must submit sexual assault evidence kits in 15 days, annual reporting on rape kits SUPPORT - PASSED with amendments relaxing the rules, sent to Senate, assigned to Judiciary, no hearing set yet
HB2302 Electoral College – shall vote for candidate with highest # of votes in state OPPOSE - PASSED 34-24, sent to Senate, assigned to Judiciary, no hearing set yet
HB2320 Ballot measures, put on disclosure about 105 -requires putting on an initiative that it would have voter protection and could not easily be overturned, allegedly to harm chances of passing OPPOSE - PASSED HOUSE 35-25
URGE Senate President not to assign.
HB2290 Provisional licenses, criminal convictions (SB1071) SUPPORT - PASSED  HOUSE AS AMENDED 57-1,
HB2372 Extends TANF 12 months with conditions SUPPORT - PASSED HOUSE 31-29
HB2403 Clean elections, prohibited contributions – cannot pay a political party for any services OPPOSE - PASSED House as amended 35-25
URGE Senate President not to assign.
HB2404 Strict compliance for initiatives – trying to diminish voter power, guarantee signatures, file a bond, punish organization for individual violation, criminal background check, can’t pay based on number of signatures, would make it more difficult to get the required number of signatures for citizen initiatives. OPPOSE PASSED House 35-24
URGE Senate President not to assign.
HB2408 Making wheelchair only parking spaces and decals - disability community opposes as discrimination and harming parking availability. OPPOSE – PASSED House 33-24
URGE Senate President not to assign
HB2444 Sexual assault, victim advocate, privilege SUPPORT –  PASSED HOUSE 59-0
SB1108 Cash assistance to children allowed if living with unrelated adult and in DCS care SUPPORT -  PASSED Senate 29-0 on to House
SB1009 Theft of flag -we already have a law prohibiting theft, we don’t need another one specially for the flag.  It’s aimed at demonstrators. OPPOSE - PASSED SENATE, 16-14
URGE House Speaker not to assign
SB1142 Riot, planning, participation is all racketeering – if either disturbs public peace or results in damage to property of another person, is an attempt to interfere with our First Amendment right to protest, OPPOSE - PASSED Senate17-13
URGE House Speaker not to assign
SB 1157 Competency hearings – shorten  time span, from Task Force Jeremy and I are on SUPPORT-  House Judiciary and Public Safety hearing on 3/2, sign in with RTS or contact members.
SB1160 Borrelli – TF – driving violation, restricted rather than suspended license, w/o glasses is misd, violation is civil not criminal, cop cannot take car unless driving on revoked not suspended license, and several other positive provisions. SUPPORT, PASSED SENATE 30-0, sent to House, assigned to Judiciary and Public Safety
SB1174 Desegregation money – force schools to do override naming it desegregation money and if don’t pass, then reduce money by 15% for 5 years.  Also limits override in amount and years (7). This is one of the annual attempts to cut off the desegregation money to schools. OPPOSE– Held in Senate
SB1239 Making it a parking violation to be on access aisles for disabilities – Disability community agrees it’s aimed against them as they often have to park over the line to get doors open. OPPOSE - PASSED SENATE, House assigned to Transportation and Infrastructure, hearing on 3/1, sign in with RTS or contact members.
SB1243 Misconduct involving weapons, public places -­­OK to have misconduct in public places with guns if you have a permit or it’s a “secured” place OPPOSE Senate COW on 2/27, Contact your Senator to vote NO.
SB1350 Terrorist threats, false reports, terrorism OPPOSE, PASSED SENATE, HOUSE assigned to JUDICIARY AND Public Safety, hearing on 3/1, sign on with RTS or contact members.
SB1253 Cops can review the video tapes of a use of force incident.  It was amended to remove the section that officer looks at video before writing report but leaves vague so that departments can enact policies allowing it.  That is the opposite of best practice, which is that the officer write report without looking at video. OPPOSE – PASSED SENATE 19-11, as amended
Urge House Speaker not to assign
SB1355 Rights of sexual assault survivor, testing of DNA and match etc. SUPPORT - PASSED 30-0, in House assigned to Judiciary and Public Safety, no hearing set yet
SB1367 Reporting a life birth from an abortion or punish doctor unless s/he tries to keep fetus alive,
This requires the doctor to report a life birth from an abortion – which makes no sense to me anyhow but it is obviously interference with women’s right to privacy and choice and doctors medical practice
OPPOSE – PASSED  18-12,as amended
URGE House Speaker not to assign.
SB1406 Establishes a juvenile justice reform committee study SUPPORT - PASSED 30-0 as amended
SB1439 No discrimination against health care agencies that REFUSE end of life care decisions by patients -allows health care agencies to refuse to provide end of life care in the fashion a patient asks. OPPOSE – PASSED SENATE, 17-13 amended

SENATE – Urge Senate President not to assign HCR 2007, HB 2320, HB2403, HB2404, HB2408.  Senate President is Steve Yarbrough, syarbrough@azleg.com, 602-926-5863.
HOUSE – Urge House Speaker not to assign SB1009, SB1142, SB1253, SB1367. House Speaker is J. Mesnard at jmesnard@azleg.com, 602-926-4481.