NOW’s Action Agenda:

What is the National Action Program?

  • The National Action Program is NOW’s set of action priorities for activists around the country. The Program includes five campaigns: (1) End the Sex Abuse to Prison Pipeline; (2) Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment; (3) Mobilize for Reproductive Justice; (4) Advance Voting Rights; and (5) Protect Immigrant Rights.

NAP-LogocropLobby legislators to ensure they oppose any measure to repeal the ACA unless its replacement retains existing protections against pre-existing conditions, lifetime coverage caps, and gender-based discrimination, and adds improvements such as including a public option in states without sufficient market competition from private insurers.

  • Lobby legislators to support improvements to affordable health care overall, for example with the EACH Woman Act.
  • Lobby Senators to filibuster the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch and, should a filibuster fail, vote “no”.

The intersectionality at the core of NOW’s work is a practice that places marginalized women at the center of our policy solutions and our advocacy. The National Action Program is intended to do just that, and to propose concrete actions our local chapters, state organizations, members and activists can take, as well as the general public interested in addressing such issues.

Why now?

This year, in 2017, we entered into an especially challenging political arena that requires our collective resistance. This–the National Action Program–is our contribution to that resistance. The current administration poses an increased and acute threat to any semblance of progress made in the recent past. This political reality has, however also inspired many across the country to increase their engagement in grassroots and political processes, and to take part in leading the societal change this country so needs.

How does the National Action Program relate to NOW’s other issue areas?

NOW’s official priorities are reflected in our six issue areas, which you can learn more about here. The National Action Program is comprised of five campaigns that encompass these core issues, while also addressing urgent needs that arise in our country’s increasingly problematic political climate.
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Pro-Choice Rally Held in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA - NOVEMBER 13: Tammy Gavitt, of Philadelphia holds up a sign during a pro-choice rally at Love Park November 13, 2003 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Members of Planned Parenthood, the National Organization for Women and NARAL Pro-Choice America rallied to generate support for a national rally in Washington, DC in April 2004. (Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images)

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