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Actions at the Governor’s desk
To no one’s surprise, Ducey signed SB1367 on 3/31 mandating legislative interference into medical science and family decisions. SB1254 that allows charter schools to refuse to admit children who are in a school with a desegregation order passed the House 33 to 24, pretty much on party line. It was sent to the Governor on April 6. Urge Ducey to VETO it.SB1071 allows a person with a criminal conviction to get provisional licenses for vocations with criminal convictions. It was amended to include the graduated sanctions bill for DOC i.e. rather than put a technical parole violator back in prison, give said person graduated sanctions to both aid re-entry and save prison bed money. It passed the House on April 5. Urge Ducey to SIGN it.SB 1253 allows cops in an administrative investigation to review the video and give any additional information. They are read a statement before doing so about the fact that video testimony may be different from what the officer recalls and s/he need not explain. It’s not as bad as it was, but still urge Ducey to VETO it.SB1342 requires search warrants for tracking devices and cell simulators (sting ray). It passed the House on April 6. Urge Ducey to SIGN it.HB2477 is a little out of our wheel house but is an important bill as it curbs the ability of police to seize your property and keep it without even charging you with or proving you committed a crime. Property forfeiture in AZ has grown to be a cottage industry with law enforcement. It’s a good thing when it’s the proceeds of a crime; but it’s a bad thing when it’s not. The bill requires law enforcement to at least show probable cause that there is a relation between the property seized and the proceeds of a crime. Reasonable enough. But Maricopa County prosecutor Bill Montgomery is lobbying Ducey not to sign the bill. If you are concerned, urge Ducey to SIGN the bill.
Contact List

From now on, all action (absent that behind closed doors) will be on the floor and thus comments must be directed to the President of the Senate Steve Yarbrough and JD Mesnard.

Senate President Steve Yarbrough
602.926.5863Speaker of the House JD Mesnard
602.926.4481.Of course you will want to have the email and phone numbers of your own legislative district Senator and two Representatives. If you don't know, go to this web site:
and find out.If a bill gets to Governor Ducey's desk, his contact is:

602.542.4331You can find a contact form at:

Special Notes
The Legislative Committee of Central Phoenix Inez Casiano NOW chapter is always happy to have new members. We are not only scrambling to finish this session, but already planning for next year to have even more impact. You don't need any special skills. we'll teach you all you need to know! If you are interested or curious, please do join us.
Next meeting: Apr. 15, Sat 2:00 PM, Loc: Urban Beans - Downtown Phoenix, 7th Street just north of Osborn.
Upcoming deadlines: Things will speed up as they approach the end of the session. It is important to act right away or the time is gone.
4/14/17 - Last day for conference committee
4/18/17 - 100th Day of the Session
4/29/17 - Session can only be extended by House or Senate vote.
Dianne Post
Action Alert
Featured Items
Like the anti-woman bill (SB1367) before it, SB1431 – empowerment scholarships, expansion, phase in – went sailing through the Senate and House and to the governor in one day, April 6. This whole idea was dead early on in the session. But at the behest of Ducey, it has arisen. In spite of tremendous opposition including from the Arizona Republic, in spite of the State’s own estimate that it will cost the state budget $2.1 million in 2018; $5.8 million in 2019; $12.9 million in 2020 and $24.5 million in 2021, it passed the Senate 16-13 as amended on April 6 and was sent to the House. The vote was mostly party line except that Brophy-McGee voted against it.In the House, with of course no committee hearings so no opportunity for public input, it passed 31 to 28 on party lines and was whisked away to the governor’s desk suite. So this is your answer to what comes after Prop 123 – step 4 is to turn Arizona’s public schools over to for-profit companies. These schools often do a poor of education, discriminate against children and oppress staff. Businesses are refusing to come to AZ because we do not have an educated workforce; our graduation rate is one of the worst; we spend less per student than Mississippi. Yet all the governor and his minions can think to do is suck more money out of the state budget for private, for-profit schools. This is his welfare plan – for the rich.
Idle Hands – Devil's Work
The resurrection of “empowerment scholarships” at the behest of Ducey is an example of what happens as the legislators sit around waiting for the budget to be finalized. They have too much time on their hands and start doing the devil's work. Unfortunately, they don’t have to post agendas until the day of the hearing so normal people who have to work for a living cannot know what is going on. Keep your eyes and ears open to the news daily and sign up to every “alert” you can find. Take action.
Number Title/Content Status/Action
Sex trafficking –WAS A STRIKE EVERYTHING – changed child prostitution to child sex trafficking, simply put sex trafficking in place of word prostitution. The Senate amendment clarified that there still is a crime of child prostitution for which sex offenders and internet violators need to register.
SUPPORT – Passed Senate 29-0 as amended and transmitted back to the House on 3/23. Concurrence recommended by House majority and minority on 3/28. No Action has occurred. We need to get this bill passed. Please contact your own two House representatives and ask them to push for it to get a vote.
Provisional licenses, criminal convictions
SUPPORT - Passed House, Passed Senate Commerce and Public Safety 6-1-1, Rescheduled for Senate COW on 4/10; contact your Senator to urge SUPPORT.
The extension of time for TANF cash assistance and SNAP (food stamp) benefits in HB2372 is hotly contested with Democrats opposing the harsh conditions imposed on beneficiaries. Children’s Action Alliance also opposes. It passed Approps on 3/28, 5-4-1.
Read the bill, and the comments, make your own decision. No action. Failure to extend to 24 months will result in another $6 million loss to AZ from federal money and curtailment of services.
The striker bill is now a “Consumer Access Line of Credit” that allows for exorbitant interest rates for small loans for the most vulnerable people and then grave punishments when they can’t pay. It passed Senate Approps 6-4.
No Action. Allegedly it is not going to be heard.
Cash assistance to children allowed if living with unrelated adult and in DCS care
SUPPORT - Passed Senate, Passed Health and Rules in House,Motion to Amend by Dems to extend TANF from 12 to 24 months failed in House COW on 4/6 by 24-33 with 3 not voting.As of 4/7, no further action scheduled; contact Mesnard to urge House COW discussion & watch House Calendar for schedules.
Appropriation for felony pretrial intervention
SUPPORT – passed Senate, held in House Judiciary, passed House appropriations, contact Mesnard to encourage him to schedule on floor. Contact your own two House representatives. No action has been taken.
Police officer victim is an aggravating factor – NO. It already exists.
OPPOSE – PASSED Senate, passed House on 4/5 – 34 to 25, as amended. Transmitted back to Senate. The amendment did not improve it. URGE your Senator to vote NO.
SB1406 was used as a vehicle for the striker for SB1198: Public accommodation, services, civil actions – Kavanagh’s bill to allow businesses an extra 90 days to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Law – they have already had 26 years. A “compromise” was reached with the businesses now having only 30 days to comply and limiting what violations it applies to. The bill still attacks the attorneys and if the attorney general sues and gets money, the money goes to the Office of Youth, Faith and Families rather than to any disability group.Supposedly they are to use it for education about the issue but why not to a disability group? This “compromise” is unacceptable.
It passed House Appropriations on 3/29, 13-0. It is still moving having been heard in both caucuses on April 4. Contact Mesnard to encourage him NOT to schedule for floor. Contact your own two representatives and Senator to oppose.
AZ National Organization for Women, 2341 N Pyrite, Mesa, AZ 85207
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