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Registration for State Conference is now open!
(Register early for a reduced rate)

The conference will be held on Saturday, April 4, in Tucson. Registration begins at 8:30 AM and the conference begins at 9. If you can't make it there before 9 because you're coming from out of town, no worries: please come when you can.

Tucson NOW has planned an outstanding program this year (the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment), with the goal of getting us energized and inspired with great information, ideas, and enthusiasm to sustain us through a very busy year.

See additional details on the registration page.


Featured Items: Equal Rights Amendment 

On the national level, H.J.Res 79 to remove the timeline passed in a bi-partisan vote on Feb. 13 - a fitting Valentines Gift for loved ones.

On the Senate side (S.J.Res 6),Senator McSally is still ignoring that she even has a vote. We need you to contact McSally and tell her to co-sponsor now (602.952.2410). 

Please continue to educate the public and to write to your local papers in favor of the ERA, both opinion pieces and letters to the editor. Tips for doing both and talking points are on the website.

Our list of supportive businesses grows daily. If you are the owner of a business, please email us to say YES put me on the list and give us the contact info that you want listed. We'll send you a decal for your window so you can make your belief for equality known. If you go to a business, and who doesn't, ask every one you frequent to support the ERA by sending an email with the YES and their contact information. Don't support businesses that don't support you.

A clergy group to support the ERA has been started by an evangelical minister so if you know of any clergy member from any faith who supports, have them contact the ERA Task Force.

If the ERA Task Force can send a speaker to your group or you can host a gathering, let them know. Check out the website and facebook page for contacts and information. It's your equality after all. 


The republican led legislature is so out of touch with reality and the people of AZ that they passed a bill prohibiting local municipalities from addressing climate change. The bill is on behalf of utilities that would prohibit local municipalities from enacting any permitting regulations or assessing any penalties or fines if the utility can't serve everyone or doesn't meet local standards. HB2686 is on Governor Ducey's desk so please contact him and ask him to veto it. 

While an ethics investigation has been opened into Cook in the House, the Senate leadership is ignoring the revelations about Ugenti-Rita.

Sen. Eddie Farnsworth had a hissy fit when Arizona citizens tried to tell the Judiciary committee how the law (SCR1007 prohibiting cities from restricting immigration enforcement) has a negative impact on real people. He didn't care about real people but he got angry when he thought someone called him a racist. He said there are no racists up here (on the committee). His opinion on that has no validity. But he exhibited his legendary temper and need for complete power and control (no doubt why he opposes the ERA too). And they say women are too emotional!


THE STEPS:  The person to contact to get the bill on the floor for voting is the President of the Senate or Speaker of the House depending on which chamber it is in. 

When the bill gets to the floor, the person to contact is your own Senator or Representative.  

Once a bill passes both houses, the person to contact is the governor. (The ERA does not need the governor's signature.)

If you want some tips on writing a letter to your legislators, go to
Senate President
Karen Fann
Speaker of the House
Rusty Bowers
Of course you will want to have the email and phone numbers of your own legislative district Senator and two Representatives. If you don't know, go to this web site:
If a bill gets to Governor Ducey's desk, his contact is:
You can find a contact form at:

AZNOW and the Legislative Committee of Central Phoenix Inez Casiano NOW chapter is always happy to have new members. You don't need any special skills, we'll teach you all you need to know! If you are interested or curious, please contact: Dianne Post at
Feb. 21 - Last day to hear House bills in House
Mar. 27 - Last day to hear House bills in Senate
Apr. 17 - Last day for Conference Committees
Apr. 25 - Sine Die
Feb. 21 - last day to hear Senate bills in Senate committees
Mar. 27 - last day to hear Senate bills in House
Apr. 18 - Last day for Conference Committee
Apr. 21 - 100th day
Sine die:  

If you want tips on writing to your senator or representatives, go here:
This is another long chart because next week is the last week to hear bills in their house of origin. Of course there are other ways to get a bill heard even after the deadline. Those bills that are passed in one chamber and have been sent over to the other are in italics. If you only have time for one thing, pick the topic that is most important to you and take action. Even if you can act on only one bill, that is very important.

We urge you to use the Request to Speak System, call or email your legislator or show up for a committee hearing and have your voice heard!

HB2013, Fillmore, Carrol Teacher must flunk student who does not meet criteria, does have exception if board has set up system.  This seems to be micromanaging schools.  House Education, DPA 6-5
House Rules 2/3, Passed 8-0
House third read 2/10 – 29-31 failed
HB2015, Fillmore, Carroll Board shall approve v. may approve teacher’s supplemental material, in advance. This seems to be micromanagement of schools.  And impossible to implement.  House Education 1/27/20 passed, 6-5, House Rules 2/3, 8-0, House COW 2/12 retained on calendar
This could be voted on at any time on the floor so let YOUR OWN two representatives know your opinion.  
HB2051, Barto, Carroll Informed consent for pelvic exams – amendment added that law enforcement could request exam.   House Health and Human Services, DPA, 9-0 
House Rules 2/3 , passed 8-0
House Third Read – Passed 60-0 as amended, sent to Senate
HB2054, Bolick Allows any person to attack a rule of the Clean Elections and allows the governor’s hand picked regulatory council to modify, revise, or void.  Continued attack on Clean Elections. House Regulatory Affairs, Passed 4-3, House Rules 2/10 passed 5-3, House COW 2/12 DP. This could be voted on at any time on the floor so let YOUR OWN two representatives know your opinion.  
HB2055, Blackman et al w/D’s Can do community restitution for civil traffic violations. House Judiciary 2/5, DPA 6/4
House Rules 2/10 passed 5-3. This could be voted on at any time on the floor so let YOUR OWN two representatives know your opinion.  
HB2072, Blackman et al Mental health professionals, loan repayment, 5 years w/corrections.  House Appropriations 2/12, 9-1 DPA/SE. Strike Everything amendment resulted in passage of a bill that NAU would develop a 3- year pilot program, a full-time masters student can get $10,000 for 3 years. Sets up fund and reports.
HB2084, Peterson  Locals cannot require permitting if building int’l border wall, presumption state grants permission- amendment requires property owner to give city a certificate of completion. House Federal Relations , DPA 4-3, House Rules passed 7-0, House COW, 30-30 failed. House Reconsideration. 2/6. 31-29 Passed as amended, Sent to Senate.
HB2206 – Teller Graduation cannot prohibit wearing tribal regalia. Yes, but it should be regalia from your own tribe or it will be rife with misuse by cultural appropriation.   House Education 2/10 Held.
HB2227- Allen Criminal Justice commission data collection CJ commission can ask for info from CJ agencies so long as not too burdensome or costly to gather.  Sounds good but the exception eviscerates the rule.  At least the agency should have to prove by clear and convincing evidence that it is a significant burden or cost in order to deny information. Needs amendment.   House Judiciary, 2/5,  Held
HB2275 – A Hernandez Restricts juvenile probation from restraining a child unless actual crime not just his/her idea of threat; required training for school resource officers and probation.  House Public Safety 2/12
DPA 5-0
HB2359 – Toma No license denial for drug conviction House Regulatory Affairs 2/3, Passed 7-0, House Rules 2/10, 8-0 passed, 2/13 – retained on floor calendar.
This could be voted on at any time on the floor so let YOUR OWN two representatives know your opinion.  
HB 2413 - Allen Juvenile court may retain jurisdiction after 18, can modify a monetary obligation except victim’s restitution.  Can get back firearm. Eliminates mandatory intensive probation and parent’s ability to ask for. Uses risk assessment instead.  Removed alcohol clause. Historical prior is separate adjudication. House Judiciary 2/5, passed 10-0, House Rules 2/10, passed 8-0, House COW 2/13, DPA
This could be voted on at any time on the floor so let YOUR OWN two representatives know your opinion.  
HB2540 – Longdon Adds emotional abuse to definition of vulnerable adult abuse. House Health and Human Services 2/13 Passed 8-0
HB2580 – Allen Prisoner transition program – 3,500 into transition program House Judiciary 2/5, Passed 10-0, House Rules 2/10, passed 8-0. This could be voted on at any time on the floor so let YOUR OWN two representatives know your opinion.  
HB2642 – Weninger Civil rights, “because of sex” includes pregnancy, child birth or related medical conditions House Commerce 2/4, Passed 9-0, House Rules 2/10, passed 8-0. This could be voted on at any time on the floor so let YOUR OWN two representatives know your opinion.  
HB2657 – Friese Adult use of MJ, what state board does, establishes board, not criminal or civil,  House Regulatory 2/10, Held
HB2682 A Hernandez Teaching Holocaust and genocide House Education, Passed 10-0, House Rules, passed 8-0. This could be voted on at any time on the floor so let YOUR OWN two representatives know your opinion.  
HB2698, Bolding Day of Racial Healing – 3rdTuesday in January, not holiday. House Government 2/13, passed 10-0
HB2704, Blackman Special services fund money transfer to fund to train DOC officers by professionals in mental health and substance abuse. House Public Safety 2/12
Passed 7-0
HB2706, Barto Athletics, biological sex, girl’s teams must be girls and must prove you are one. “Save Women’s Sports Act” House Health and Human Services 2/13, Passed 5-4
HB2727, Osborne, bipartisan Pregnant women can get dental care under AHCCCS House Health and Human Services 2/13, passed 9-0
HB2751, Jermaine Detained juveniles, advisements, notification, language they understand, 90 minutes to notify  House Judiciary 2/12, Passed 10-0

Every address is first initial and last name with So use that ending on every one.
SB1020, Rita Ballot measure prop 105 – to add the “no can change” language to all props.   Senate Judiciary, DP 4-3
Senate Rules  PFC
1/30 – Passed 17-13 as amended to require 2/3 of each house. Sent to House.
SB1027, Carter Pelvic exam w/o consent, the amendment allows law enforcement to request exam. Senate Health and Human Services,  DPA 8-0
Senate Rules 1/27 PFC
2/4, third read, passed as amended 30-0, Sent to House
SB1032, Rita Vote by mail, if signature missing, cannot correct it Senate Judiciary 2/6, Passed 4-3, Senate Rules 2/10 PFC. This could be voted on at any time on the floor so let YOUR OWN senator know your opinion.  
SB1036, Allen Repeal 3rdparty administration of empowerment scholarships
Senate Education, Do Pass (DP) 9-0, Senate Rules Passed Rules PFC
1/30 – passed 30-0, Sent to House
SB1143 – Fann Adds anti-semitism to hate crimes.  Yes but the definition violates First Amendment freedom of speech.   Senate Transportation and Public Safety , Passed 7-1
SB1224, Allen Voucher bill to out of state schools – not only in NM but now in Utah too!   2/4 Education DPA 6-3
SB1283, bipartisan Appropriation to homeless for seniors Senate Appropriations 2/4, Passed 9-0, Senate Rules 2/10 PFC, 2/13, passed 27-3, Sent to House.
SB1290 Carter Maternal Mental Health Advisory Committee, improve screening and treating, AZ has a high death rate especially for women of color and we need to include physical health screening and treatment too.  Senate Health and Human Services 2/5, DPA 8-0
Senate Rules 2/10 PFC
2/13, 29-1, passed as amended. Sent to House
SB1302, Pratt Decreases time of vehicle impoundment from 30 to 20 days, positive to get cars back to poor people who need them. Senate Transportation and Public Safety  2/5, Passed 8-0,Senate Rules 2/10 PFC
2/13 – passed 30-0, Sent to House
SB1323, Brophy McGee Kinship foster care, TANF benefits, is eligible to apply Senate Appropriations 2/4, Passed 8-0, Senate Rules 2/10 PFC, 2/13 passed 30-0, sent to House.
SB1328, Gray Appropriation to crisis PG center and cut out PP   Senate Appropriations 2/4, Passed 5-4, Senate Rules 2/10 PFC, This could be voted on at any time on the floor so let YOUR OWN senator know your opinion. 
SB1397, Mesnard Pre-existing conditions, prohibition  Senate Finance 2/5, Passed 9-0, Senate Rules 2/10 PFC, This could be voted on at any time on the floor so let YOUR OWN senator know your opinion.  
SB1434, Gowan Recall petitions, making more difficult, taking power from Secretary of State  Senate Judiciary 2/6, Passed 5-2, Senate Rules 2/10 PFC
2/13 – passed 17-13.  Sent to House.
SB1472, Carter Postpartum, AHCCCS -plan to increase postpartum participation. Amendment increased amount of money. Health and Human Services 2/12, passed 8-0 DPA, This could be voted on at any time on the floor so let YOUR OWN senator know your opinion.  
HCR 2011, Griffin Commending border patrol – 50% of Border patrol members were found to be on a racist facebook page.  This group should be condemned not commended. OPPOSE House Public Safety 2/11
Do Pass 4-2,
House Rules 2/17
HCR 2016, Townsend Article V convention, term limits – stealth move to overturn the Constitution.  OPPOSE House Federal Relations 2/17, 2 p.m., HHR4, chair, M finchem, vice ggriffin, members rbolding, sbolick, ahernandez, rmeza, ktownsend,
HCR 2020 Lt. Gov and Gov run together.  Pros and Cons but League of Women Voters recommends OPPOSE House Government 2/20
9:00 a.m. HHR1
Chair Jkavanagh, vice chair kpyne, Members; wblackman, iblanc, ddegrazia, despinosa, jjermaine, wpeterson, spierce, lsierra, bthorpe
HCR2032, Single subject in title for initiatives, just more reasons to attack the power of democracy in initiatives.  OPPOSE House Elections 2/18, 2 pm, HHR,Sbolick, fcaryoll, j Fillmore, jjermaine, Peterson, drodriguez, asalman, rteran, bThorpe, ktownsend
HM2002, Andrade, bi partisan Military sexual trauma – Most victims are women. SUPPORT House Military and Veterans Affairs, 2/17, 2:00 pm, HHR3, rAndrade, nCampbell, ggriffin, jjermaine, Lawrence, josborne, mtsosie 
HB2019, Fillmore More non-profits, public or private into education and technical education in post-secondary education standing in line to take taxpayer dollars into their private pockets that should go to public institutions. OPPOSE House Education 2/10
Passed 10-0
House Rules 2/17
HB2087 Blackman Probation, technical violations would require reinstatement unless there was an additional criminal offense or failure to pay restitution, and person has no more than 3 previous violations, can do some time in jail – 30 for first offense, 90 for 2nd and 180 for 3rd.  A third of those in prison are there for “technical violations” not new crimes.  SUPPORT House Judiciary 2/19, 9 a.m. HHR4, chair: jallen, vice wblackman; members: nbarto, ddegrazia, kengel, mfinchem, jlawrence, jpawlik, broberts, drodriquez
HB 2114 – Allen Restrictions on placing officer’s names in data base – protecting bad apples.  We need more transparency in law enforcement, not less.  OPPOSE House Public Safety 
2/19, 10 a.m. HHR3, members of the committee are: Chair, Vice-Chair akern; members: randrade, ncampbell, dhernandez, jkavanagh, jlongdon
HB2120 – bi-partisan Cannot prohibit a student from wearing cultural regalia on graduation.  Yes, but it should be your own culture or cultural appropriation will be rife. SUPPORT with amendment. House Education 2/17, 2:00 pm, HHR1, Chair mudall, vice chair, Fillmore, Members:  nbarto, lbiasiucci,  iblanc, rbolding, fcarroll rcobb, alieberman, jpawlik, gpeten, tshope, ktownsend
HB2138 – Lawrence Common law marriage if has one or more children, in relationship for 2 years or more, and one was caretaker of other – can get retroactive  marriage certificate.  Should be amended to be one of the 3 conditions, not all 3.  SUPPORT. House Judiciary 2/19
See above for contacts.
HB 2140 – Kern In a civil action, can’t pay money to prisoner until pay for medical care – but the state could have been the reason the medical care was necessary so person is paying for state’s negligence!  OPPOSE House Public Safety, 2/05, Passed 4-3
House Rules 2/17
HB 2143 – Kern Student athletic can earn compensation on likeness etc
House Education 2/17 
See above for contacts.
HB2236 – Allen Expands who can be in deferred prosecution program by not allowing prosecutor to exempt those with earlier convictions or drug charges. SUPPORT House Judiciary 2/12, DP 10-0
House Rules 2/17
HB2250 – Blackman Establishes a community treatment and safety fund, $5 million to study gaps in behavioral services especially in rural areas w/less than 1 million residents who are on probation, or in DOC or court ordered substance abuse, expand treatment by non-profit providers, SUPPORT House Health and Human Services, 2/20, 9:00 a.m. HHR4:  Chair Nbarto, Vice Jlawrence, Members: jallen, ggriffin, kbutler, ahernandez, bnutt, ashah, ppowershannley
HB2343 – Fillmore Identification required if the voter delivers her early ballot at the polling place. This is simply another version of the law that was just tossed out by the 9thCircuit recently that a person cannot deliver another person’s ballot.  It’s voter suppression especially for those who have trouble with transportation.  OPPOSE House Elections 2/18
See above for contacts.
HB 2383 – Blackman Repeal minimum and maximum sentencing structure (aggravating and mitigating) for felony offenders. AZ has some of the highest sentences in the nation and the U.S. has some of highest sentences in the world.  SUPPORT House Judiciary 2/19
See above for contacts.
HB2402 – Weninger, bi partisan Conviction set aside, order of “second chance,” are restrictions, releases from occupational licensing barriers, hiring, housing etc. SUPPORT House Judiciary 2/19
See above for contacts.
HB 2414 – Allen Appropriations for alternative prosecution & diversion, $17 mil. SUPPORT House Judiciary 2/5, Passed 10-0, House Appropriations 2/12, Passed 11-0,
House Rules 2/17
HB2415 – Dunn  Appropriations for southern border – cameras, software, services.  Two border representatives voted against this.  OPPOSE House Public Safety 2/5, Passed 5-1, House Appropriations 2/12, Passed 9-0
House Rules 2/17
HB2422 – Barto  Coordinated reentry plan for jails, for getting into behavioral health and substance abuse providers, data, $8 mill. SUPPORT House Public Safety 2/5
DPA 6-0, House Appropriations 2/12
Passed 11-0
House Rules 2/17
HB2468 – Payne Board of Supervisors cannot refuse law enforcement grant of any kind, to allow anti-immigration grants and hamper local control.  OPPOSE House Public Safety 2/19
See above for contacts.  
HB2469 – Payne If killed, pay spouse till death regardless if marries a millionare, pay insurance to 65, pay all unused sick time. Should be needs based.  Amendment cut out all the language about group health benefits.
House Public Safety 2/12
DPA 7-0
House Rules 2/17
HB2473 – Payne Changes definition of criminal speeding to 20 miles over any speed limit-it was 85. Amendment changed to 90 rather than 20 miles over the posted speed. OPPOSE House Transportation 2/12
DPA 5-4,
House Rules 2/17
HB2538 – Shah Adding health care workers to make ag assault  - we don’t need additional crimes. OPPOSE House Judiciary 2/19
See above for Contacts.
HB2598 – Roberts Sanctuary jurisdiction, has civil liability for all, cannot restrict law enforcement, must comply with immigration detainer, violation of local control.  OPPOSE House Government 2/20
9:00 a.m. HHR1
Chair Jkavanagh, vice chair kpayne, Members;  wblackman, iblanc, ddegrazia, despinosa, jjermaine, wpeterson, spierce, lsierra, bthorpe
HB2624  Bolick Civil liability for trafficking. SUPPORT House Judiciary 2/12, Passed 10-0,
House Rules 2/17
HB2646 – Weninger Suicide assistance – adds encouraging a minor to commit suicide, but makes it manslaughter which is too steep for a teenager. OPPOSE House Judiciary 2/19
See above for contacts.
HB2649 – Barto Prisoners, mental health transition program, shall create one, 90 days, evidence based, evaluation. SUPPORT House Appropriations 2/19, upon recess or adjournment,HHR1, Chair rcobb, vice jkavanagh:  members; despinoza, cfernandez, jfillmore, rfriese, akern, alieberman, broberts, btoma, mudall 
HB 2654 – Thorpe “Patriotic youth groups” once a year get to address all students for 10 minutes.  Principals are to ensure that materials are distributed to students, cannot discriminate based on membership, leadership,  or oath of allegiance to god and country. The groups defined by federal law are Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Boy Scouts, Boys and Girls Clubs, FFA, and Girl Scouts.  There already are state and federal laws giving equal access based on STUDENT interest and action, not adult propaganda.  This is probably aimed at issues with Boy Scouts regarding their refusal to allow LGBT scouts and history of sexual abuse by scout masters. OPPOSE House Technology 2/19, 9:00 a.m. HHR5, Lbiasiucci, kbutler, fcarroll, rmeza, cchavez, jweninger,    bthorpe
HB2695 – Nutt  A course in financial literacy counts as a work activity for TANF. SUPPORT House Health and Human Services 2/6, Passed 9-0
House Rules 2/17
HB2696- Nutt  Domestic Violence: Order of Protection shall have information about resources, court shall consider DV even if charges not filed, stalking or harassing included, evidence can include audio and video and photographs, must look to see if person is restrained by some other order, person who committed the DV has to pay the fee for supervised visitation, if protecting parent was absent must look at whether absence was because of DV or history of DV, requires specific findings of relative financial situation after evidentiary hearing, contested hearings ASAP, hear money issues first to allow indigent parent to obtain counsel,   SUPPORT House Judiciary 2/19
See above for contacts.
HB2708, Chavez Wrongful arrest, record clearance, Law enforcement or court must notify person, no cost to file, SUPPORT House Judiciary 2/19
See above for contacts.
HB2755, Rodriguez School, drug violations, reporting options. Allows schools to deal with issues in house rather than making everything a police matter – attempt to decrease the school to prison pipeline.  SUPPORT House Judiciary 2/19
See above for contacts.
HB2764, Weninger, bi partisan Mental Health Omnibus – mirror to SB1523, SUPPORT House Health & Human Services 2/20
See above or contacts.
HB2769, Longdon Supported decision making for guardians unless person cannot at all make decision. SUPPORT House Judiciary 2/19
See above for contacts.
HB2797, Payne Ag assault, security guard,  extends ag assault to, We don’t need more crimes to lock up more people.  OPPOSE House Judiciary 2/19
See above for contacts
HB2808, Blackman Prisoners, release time – one day for 6 plus 1.5 days for 6 if not violent or ag felony, completed drug program, or self-improvement, and participated for 6 months or more in work, ag assault restriction only applies if person over 18 or if under did it more than once, and w/in 10 years of juvenile sentence, still has functional literacy requirement, director can authorize release, report,  SUPPORT  House Judiciary 2/19
See above for contacts
HB2882, Bowers Destruction of criminal records, person who was adjudicated as a juvenile can apply for expungement of records so long as crime was not violent, serious, aggravated, w/weapon, against child, or inflicted dangerous injury. The person must wait 5 years, be discharged, paid all monies including restitution, law enforcement shall destroy as well as courts and corrections.  An adult may also apply under the same conditions except a 10-year waiting period. Courts can modify a monetary obligation except victim restitution.  Dismissed or not guilty or completion of diversion shall also result in expungement within a year. SUPPORT   House Judiciary 2/19
See above for contacts
SCR1007, Allen Cannot restrict law enforcement in enforcement of immigration laws. OPPOSE Senate Judiciary 2/13, DPA 4-3
Senate Rules 2/17
SCR1020, Leach Initiatives – if a public safety issue, the legislature can overturn with simple majority vote a year after done. Gross interference with voters Constitutional right to pass initiatives.  OPPOSE Senate Judiciary 2/13
Passed 4-3
Senate Rules 2/17
SCR1029, Kern Abortion data, survivors act – unethical and needless attack on women’s reproductive rights and medical delivery.  OPPOSE Senate Judiciary 2/13
Passed 4-2
Senate Rules 2/17
SB1028, Carter The bill has enhanced surveillance for an emerging threat – which is good.  But even in a public health emergency, the state cannot require vaccination against religious beliefs if they comply with quarantine and other requirements which is hostile to public health while supporting religious dogma. SUPPORT ENHANCED SURVEILLANCE BUT OPPOSE RELIGIOUS EXEMPTION.    Senate Health and Human Services 2/20/20
9 a.m. SH1, Chair kbrophymcgee, vice hcarter, members: sallen, rgray, tnavarrette, tpace, rrios,
SB1170 - Carter Dental care for pregnant women. SUPPORT Senate Health & Human 
Services, Passed 8-0
Senate Appropriations 2/11
DPA 9-0
Senate Rules 2/17
SB1171 – Mesnard/Blackman Criminal justice data like the House bill of Blackman HB2156.  SUPPORT Senate Judiciary 2/20
9:30 a.m., SHR109, Chair, vice rgray; members:sborrelli, lcontreras, adalessandro, vleach,
SB1228 – Brophy McGee Prisoners, braille transcribing training – new voc ed training program, SUPPORT House Appropriations 2/11
DP 9-0
Senate Rules 2/17
SB1315, Alston $250 for kinship foster care, SUPPORT Senate Appropriations 2/18, 2:00 pm SHR109, lalston, sbowie, hcarter, dgowan, skerr, vleach, dlivingston, lotondo, mugenti-rita
SB1333, Livingston Peace officer rights, due process, get notice to even interview, can do on work time, limits questions that can be asked, can have representative there, limits when can be ordered to mental or behavioral exam.  We need more transparency with police, not less.  OPPOSE Senate Transportation and Public Safety 2/12, passed 5-0 with 3 Democrats missing
Senate Rules 2/17
SB1355, Steele Parental rights, termination, sexual assault, a parent can file to terminate the rights of the other parent, if a child conceived as a result of sexual assault, the parent can file a petition to terminate the parental rights of the perpetrator, it is presumed to be in the best interest of the child, the judge has to find by clear and convincing evidence that the child was conceived by sexual assault. If the perpetrator pleads or is found guilty that is conclusive proof that the child was conceived by sexual assault.  SUPPORT   Senate Judiciary 2/20
See above for contacts.
SB1393, Carter Jails, education, appropriation  to provide education to those under 21 w/o high school degree or GED, SUPPORT Senate Education 2/11
Passed 9-0
Senate Appropriations 2/18
See above for contacts.
SB1439, Ugenti-Rita Breast implant, informed consent - SUPPORT Senate Health and Human Services 2/19
See above for contacts. 
SB1444, Bowie Absence from school for mental or behavioral health is excused, SUPPORT Senate Education 2/11
Passed 9-0
Senate Rules 2/17
SB1445, Bowie Suicide training for all school employee’s, SUPPORT Senate Education 2/11
Passed 9-0
Senate Rules 2/17
SB1446, Bowie If school issues ID, put suicide call number on ID, SUPPORT Senate Education 2/18
2:00 pm, SHR1, Chair: sallen, vice: pboyer, Members: sborrelli, kbrophymcgee, adeleassandro, sgonzales, rgray, tpace, mquezada
SB1448, Mesnard Schools, posting of number to report or get help with abuse. SUPPORT Senate Education 2/18
See above for contacts.
SB1493, Ugenti-Rita  Pharmacists, authorization, hormonal – confirms that person with standing prescription can get hormonal contraceptives.  SUPPORT Health and Human Services 2/12, passed 8-0
Senate Rules 2/17
SB1523 Brophy McGee – bi partisan Mental health omnibus – ID card w/info, mental health parity, advisory committee, suicide study, children’s behavioral health, Jake’s Law, SUPPORT Senate Health and Human Services, 2/19
See above for contacts.
SB1569, Brophy Defines “child only” case so kinship carers can get financial assistance. SUPPORT Senate Health and Human Services 2/12 Passed 8-0
Senate Rules 2/17
SB1660, Boyer Child sex trafficking, omnibus, give child information, keep statistics, adds more abusers, changes “prostitution” to child sex trafficking. Pro se defendant cannot question child.  Best practices.  Statewide training.SUPPORT Senate Judiciary 2/20
See above for contacts.
SB1664, Gowan Gun free zones, civil liability, liable for any damages.  Violation of local control and putting the rest of the public in danger for the minority gun toting population who are afraid of something.  OPPOSE Senate Judiciary 2/13
DPA 4-3
Senate Rules 2/17
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