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Featured Items: Equal Rights Amendment 

The cross over vote in Virginia was completed Monday Jan 27 to much ado. On Thursday, Jan 30, the three attorneys general from the last three ratified states, NV, IL and VA announced the filing of a lawsuit to compel the national archivist to put the ERA into the Constitution now as amendment 28. No delay on the ERA.

As ERA Coalition stated in the press conference 91% of Americans support the ERA and 99% of Millennials. So one must ask what are the motives of those who oppose equality and of the attorneys general who waste taxpayer dollars fighting it? 

On the national level, H.J.Res 79 to extend or remove the timeline will be on the House floor the week of Feb. 10. Contact your congressional representative and tell them to support the bill when it comes to the floor.

On the Senate side (S.J.Res 6), Senator Sinema has co-sponsored but Senator McSally has not. We need you to contact McSally and urge her to co-sponsor now. 

Phoenix Human Relations Committee passed a resolution to ask the City Council of Phoenix to pass a resolution in favor of ratification.

We had an editorial in the Capital Times and a radio interview in the Gila Valley News this past week.Please continue to educate the public and to write to your local papers in favor of the ERA, both opinion pieces and letters to the editor. Tips for doing both and talking points are on the website.

Our list of supportive businesses grows daily. If you are the owner of a business, please email us to say YES put me on the list and give us the contact info that you want listed. We'll send you a decal for your window so you can make your belief for equality known. If you go to a business, and who doesn't, ask every one you frequent to support the ERA by sending an email with the YES and their contact information. Don't support businesses that don't support you.

A clergy group to support the ERA has been started by an evangelical minister so if you know of any clergy member from any faith who supports, have them contact the ERA Task Force.

If the ERA Task Force can send a speaker to your group or you can host a gathering, let them know. Check out the website and facebook page for contacts and information. It's your equality after all. 


Movement toward criminal justice reform is positive though very slow and tiny steps. But most human rights issues are either ignored or under attack such as refugee/asylum rights and women's reproductive health. This week are two bills to fund fake pregnancy clinics and deny funding to any legitimate health care place that does or even refers for abortion. Please be sure to speak up against them.  


THE STEPS:  The person to contact to get the bill on the floor for voting is the President of the Senate or Speaker of the House depending on which chamber it is in. 

When the bill gets to the floor, the person to contact is your own Senator or Representative.  

Once a bill passes both houses, the person to contact is the governor. (The ERA does not need the governor's signature.)

If you want some tips on writing a letter to your legislators, go to
Senate President
Karen Fann
Speaker of the House
Rusty Bowers
Of course you will want to have the email and phone numbers of your own legislative district Senator and two Representatives. If you don't know, go to this web site:
If a bill gets to Governor Ducey's desk, his contact is:
You can find a contact form at:

AZNOW and the Legislative Committee of Central Phoenix Inez Casiano NOW chapter is always happy to have new members. You don't need any special skills, we'll teach you all you need to know! If you are interested or curious, please contact: Dianne Post at
Feb. 7 - last day to request legislative council for bill
Feb. 10 - last day to introduce bills
Feb. 21 - Last day to hear House bills in House
Mar. 27 - Last day to hear House bills in Senate
Apr. 17 - Last day for Conference Committees
Apr. 25 - Sine Die
Feb. 3 - last day for introduction of bills
Feb. 21 - last day to hear Senate bills in Senate committees
Mar. 27 - last day to hear Senate bills in House
Apr. 18 - Last day for Conference Committee
Apr. 21 - 100th day
Sine die:  

If you want tips on writing to your senator or representatives, go here:
Things will move at a pretty fast pace these next three weeks. If you can’t do everything, pick the bill or the issue that most interests you and take action on that one.

HB2013, Fillmore, Carrol Teacher must flunk student who does not meet criteria, does have exception if board has set up system.  This seems to be micromanaging schools. Decisions should better be left to those who know and actually work with children, not legislators.   House Education 1/27/2020 
Passed 6-5 along party lines
House Rules 2/3
HB2015, Fillmore, Carroll Board shall approve v. may approve teacher’s supplemental material, in advance. This seems to be micromanagement of schools.  Better to leave to those who know and actually work in education not legislators.  Seems to be aimed at punishing teachers who have exercised their Constitutional rights to speak out. It’s also administratively impossible.  House Education 
Passed 6-5 along Party lines.
House Rules 2/3
HB2054, Bolick Allows any person to attack a rule of the Clean Elections which they can now but allows the governor’s hand picked regulatory council to modify, revise, or void.  Continued attack on Clean Elections. House Regulatory Affairs 
Passed 4-3 on party lines
HB 2114 – Allen Restrictions on placing officer’s names in data base – protecting bad apples House Public Safety 
No Action.
HB2227- Allen Criminal Justice commission data collection: CJ commission can ask for info from CJ agencies so long as not too burdensome or costly to gather.  Sounds good but the exception eviscerates the rule.  At least the agency should have to prove by clear and convincing evidence that it is a significant burden or cost in order to deny information. Needs amendment.   House Judiciary 
HB2625 Bolick Civics day, Sept 25, Sandra Day O’Connor civics day House Education
Passed 11-0
House Rules 2/3
HB2682 A Hernandez Teaching Holocaust and genocide House Education 
Passed 10-0
House Rules 2/3
SB1143 – Fann Adds anti-semitism to hate crimes.  The problem is the definition they use of anti-semitism.  It would seem to violate the First Amendment for those who oppose some Israeli policies.   Senate Transportation and Public Safety 
Passed 7-1
SB1170 - Carter Dental care for PG women Senate Health & Human 
Services, Passed – 8-0

Every address is first initial and last name with So use that ending on every one.
HB2055, Blackman et al w/D’s Can do community restitution for civil traffic violations.  Helps low income people avoid the spiral of fines resulting in jail when they can’t be paid. SUPPORT House Judiciary 2/5, 9 a.m. HHR4, chair: jallen, vice wblackman; members: nbarto, ddegrazia, kengel, mfinchem, jlawrence, jpawlik, broberts, drodriquez
HB2072, Blackman et al Mental health professionals, loan repayment, 5 years if work with corrections, We sadly need mental health professionals in the corrections system. SUPPORT House Appropriations 2/5, upon recess or adjournment of floor p.m., HHR1, Chair rcobb, vice jkavanagh:  members; despinoza, cfernandez, jfillmore, rfriese, akern, alieberman, broberts, btoma, mudall
HB 2140 – Kern In a civil action for state’s negligence that resulted in harm to a prisoner, if the prisoner wins, the court can’t pay money to prisoner until they pay for medical care – but the state could have been the reason the medical care was necessary so victim is paying for the state’s own negligence! OPPOSE   House Public Safety
2/5/20,10 a.m. HHR3, members of the committee are: Chair kpayne, Vice-Chair akern; members: randrade, ncampbell, dhernandez, jkavanagh, jlongdon
HB2228 – Allen Changes defense to “theft by extortion” to be regular defense not affirmative defense and only defense is “it was a reasonable claim” considerably weakening protection of victim. OPPOSE House Judiciary 2/5
See contact info above.
HB2359 – Toma No occupational license denial for drug conviction.  Inmates need to get back to their job to survive out of prison. SUPPORT House Regulatory Affairs 2/3
2:00 pm, HH5, chair: tgrantham, vice broberts, members:  wblackman, ppowershannley, btoma, ashah, rteran 
HB2388 - Udall This is a mirror bill to SB1328.  This is the rebirth of the bill that Center for AZ Policy brought up at the end of last year to fund the fake pregnancy clinics and prohibit funding to real abortion providers.  
House Health and Human Services 2/6
See below for contacts.  
HB 2413 - Allen Juvenile court may retain jurisdiction after 18, can modify a monetary obligation except victims restitution.  Can get back right to firearm. Eliminates mandatory intensive probation and parents ability to ask for. Uses risk assessment instead.  Removed alcohol clause. Historical prior must be a separate adjudication. SUPPORT House Judiciary 2/5
Contact information above
HB 2414 – Allen Appropriations for alternative prosecution & diversion, $17 mil. SUPPORT House Judiciary 2/5
See above for contact.
HB2415 – Dunn et al R Appropriations for southern border – cameras, software, services for border sheriffs.  There are no parameters around this money e.g. prohibiting it from being used for a wall or mandating that a certain portion be used for services for those in detention or to keep families together or speed up the legal process. Human rights and international law  concerns are what need to be addressed not militarization.  Without direction of how the money is spent OPPOSE  House Public Safety 2/5
See above for contact.
HB2422 – Barto et al Coordinated reentry plan for jails, for getting into behavioral health and substance abuse providers, data, $8 mill. SUPPORT House Public Safety 2/5
See above for contacts.
HB2468 – Payne Board of Supervisors cannot refuse law enforcement grant of any kind, to hamper anti-immigration grants.  Not only does this tie the hands of the Boards of Supervisors thus violating local control, it embraces only a law enforcement response as opposed to the many other ways to deal with the issue.  OPPOSE House Public Safety 2/5
See above for contacts.
HB2469 – Payne If officer is killed in line of duty, pay spouse till death regardless if spouse marries a millionaire, pay insurance to 65, pay all unused sick time. While the sentiment might be positive, the payment of monies should be needs based, not simply handed out regardless of the persons need. OPPOSE WITHOUT AMENDMENT TO MAKE NEEDS BASED. House Public Safety 2/5
See contacts above.
HB2580 – Allen Prisoner transition program – 3,500 into transition program. This program has existed for years and DOC refuses to send inmates into it so they can get out 90 days early with skills to help avoid return, thus saving the state monies.  DOC has to be mandated to do so both for fiscal responsibility and because it helps reduce recidivism as well.  SUPPORT  House Judiciary 2/5
See above for contacts.  
HB2598 – Roberts Attempting to prohibit Sanctuary designation, has civil liability if someone is hurt, cannot restrict law enforcement, must comply with immigration detainer.  Approaches the border issue only with military lens which is the least productive. Also violates local control. OPPOSE House Government 2/6
9:00 a.m. HHR1
Chair Jkavanagh, vice chair kpayne, Members;  wblackman, iblanc, ddegrazia, despinosa, jjermaine, wpeterson, spierce, lsierra, bthorpe
HB2642 – Weninger Civil rights, discrimination “because of sex” includes pregnancy, child birth or related medical conditions.  
House Commerce 2/4
2:00 pm, HH3
Chair Jweninger, vice chair tgrantham, lbiasciucci, kbutler, cchavez, mepstein, akern, rmeza, broberts
HB2695 – Nutt et al A course in financial literacy counts as a work activity for TANF. SUPPORT House Health and Human Services 2/6, 9:00 a.m. HHR4
Chair Nbarto, Vice Jlawrence
Members: jallen, ggriffin, kbutler, ahernandez, bnutt, ashah, ppowershannley
SB1032, Ugenti-Rita Vote by mail, if signature missing, cannot correct it.  Yet another voter suppression bill.  OPPOSE Senate Judiciary 2/6
9:30 a.m., SHR109, Chair: efarnsworth, vice: Rgray, members:sborrelli, lcontreras, adelassandro, vleach, mquezada 
SB1283, bipartisan Appropriation to homeless services for seniors. SUPPORT Senate Appropriations 2/4
See below for contacts.  
SB1290 Carter Maternal Mental Health Advisory Committee, improve screening and treating.  Yes but we have a very high rate of maternal mortality especially for women of color.  Why is this limited to mental health only?  SUPPORT BUT NEEDS AMENDMENT TO INCLUDE PHYSICAL HEALTH.   Senate Health and Human Services 2/5, 9 a.m. SH1, Chair kbrophymcgee, vice hcarter, members: sallen, rgray, tnavarrette, tpace, rrios, vsteele
SB1302, Pratt Decreases time of vehicle impoundment from 30 to 20 days, positive step to get cars back to poor people who need them for work and school.
Senate Transportation and Public Safety 2/5, 9:30 a.m. SHR 109, Chair dlivingston, vice fpratt, members: lcontreras, sborrelli, efarnsworth, skerr, lotondo, jpeshlakai
SB1323, Brophy McGee Kinship foster care, TANF benefits, is eligible to apply. 
Families taking care of kin should get at least as much support as strangers in foster care. SUPPORT
Senate Appropriations 2/4
2:00 pm, SHR109
Chair:  Dgowan
Vicechair:  vleach
Members: lalston, sbowie, hcarter, dlivingston, lotondo, mugentirita, skerr
SB1328, Gray This is the rebirth of the bill Center for AZ Policy brought up at the end of last year to fund the fake pregnancy clinics and prohibit funding to real abortion providers.  Mirror 2388.
Senate Appropriations 2/4
See above for contacts.
SB1397, Mesnard Pre-existing conditions, prohibition 
Senate Finance 2/5
2 pm, SHR1, Chair: Jmesnard
Vice chair: dlivingston
Members: lalston, sbowie, pboyer, lcontreras, dfarnsworth, vleach, mquezada, mugenti-rita
SB1434, Gowan Recall petitions, making more difficult, taking power from Secretary of State – yet another attempt to interfere with the democratic practice of voter initiatives. And attempt to deprive the Secretary of State of power since she is from a different party. OPPOSE Senate Judiciary 2/6
See above for contacts.
SB1441, Farnsworth Domestic Violence Protection Orders – if one person has exclusive use of the house and moves or circumstances change, notify court and could court change order. This seems more to protect the abuser than the victim who may have had to flee to a safe place. But it’s not harmful so long as the victim can keep the new address secret and is not penalized for not notifying the court.  NEUTRAL SO LONG AS VICTIM IS NOT PENALIZED. Senate Judiciary 2/6
See above for contacts.
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