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Featured Items: Equal Rights Amendment 

The Valentines Day ERA piece asking for legal equality rather than candy or flowers was printed in six different papers around the state. The idea remains popular! March is Women's History Month and AZ could make history by becoming a ratified state - Tell your Senator and two representatives that, especially, McSally (602.952.2410). The belief depicted by Farnsworth last week that there can be no rape in marriage illustrates precisely why we need the ERA. If you want to "protect women" as Farnsworth says he does, then make them a "protected class" in the Constitution.

Please continue to write to your local papers in favor of the ERA, both opinion pieces and letters to the editor. Tips for doing both and talking points are on the website.

If you are the owner of a business, please email us to say YES put me on the list and give us the contact info that you want listed. We'll send you a decal for your window so you can make your belief for equality a sales point. If you go to a business, and who doesn't, ask every one you frequent to support the ERA by sending an email with the YES and their contact information. Don't support businesses that don't support you.

A clergy group to support the ERA has been started by an evangelical minister so if you know of any clergy member from any faith who supports, have them contact the ERA Task Force.

If the ERA Task Force can send a speaker to your group or you can host a gathering, let them know. Check out the website and facebook page for contacts and information. It's your equality after all. 


There's never an end to it. Either the legislature is attacking women or immigrants or the LGBT community and this week their attacks were lived at those who believe in the Constitutional separation of church and state. Feb. 24 was Secular Day at the Capital, organized by the Secular Coalition for Arizona, and after significant hemming and hawing Senate President Fann said Senator Mendez could give the invocation which would be a secular one. But with the gallery full of blue-shirted Secular Coalition members and a row of red Hand Maids in the front illustrating what the country would be like with theocratic rule, Fann called on Mesnard to give a very christian invocation instead. She says it was an "accident" - one that's been going on for seven years. It's time to end it and their rule.


When the bill is in a committee, the person to contact is the committee chair and if your representative or senator is on that committee, contact her/him too. When the bill gets to the floor, the person to contact is your own Senator or Representatives. Once a bill passes both houses, the person to contact is the governor. (The ERA does not need the governor's signature.) 

If you want some tips on writing a letter to your legislators, go to
Senate President
Karen Fann
Speaker of the House
Rusty Bowers
Of course you will want to have the email and phone numbers of your own legislative district Senator and two Representatives. If you don't know, go to this web site:
If a bill gets to Governor Ducey's desk, his contact is:
You can find a contact form at:

AZNOW and the Legislative Committee of Central Phoenix Inez Casiano NOW chapter is always happy to have new members. You don't need any special skills, we'll teach you all you need to know! If you are interested or curious, please contact: Dianne Post at
Mar. 27 - Last day to hear House bills in Senate
Apr. 17 - Last day for Conference Committees
Apr. 25 - Sine Die
Mar. 27 - last day to hear Senate bills in House
Apr. 18 - Last day for Conference Committee
Apr. 21 - 100th day
Sine die:  

If you want tips on writing to your senator or representatives, go here:
Bills passed and sent to the other chamber are in italics. Pay attention to which committee bills are in because there are House bills in both the House and Senate and Senate bills in both the Senate and House. It’s stated in the “action.”

We urge you to use the Request to Speak System, call or email your legislator or show up for a committee hearing and have your voice heard!

HCR 2011, Griffin Commending border patrol, in spite of their membership in nazi facebook pages and horrific behavior to immigrants.  OPPOSE Passed 2/25 on vote of 35-25 and sent to Senate. 
HB 2114 – Allen Restrictions on placing officer’s names in data base – protecting bad apples, OPPOSE House Rules 2/24, C&P, 5-3
2/25 House COW DPA
This bill could be voted on at any minute. Tell your own two representatives our opinion.
HB 2140 – Kern In a civil action, can’t pay money to prisoner until pay for medical care – but the state could have been the reason the medical care was necessary so person is paying for state’s negligence!  OPPOSE House passed 2/27 by 31-20 and sent to Senate
HB 2143 – Kern Student athletic can earn compensation on likeness etc.Your Call. House Rules 2/24, C&P 6-1, passed
This bill could be voted on at any minute. Tell your own two representatives our opinion.
HB 2383 – Blackman Repeal minimum and maximum sentences. SUPPORT House Rules 2/24, C&P 8-0; 
House Third Read 2/26, passed 59-0 and sent to Senate.  
HB2402 – Weninger Conviction set aside, order of “second chance”, are restrictions, releases from occupational licensing barriers, hiring, housing, SUPPORT House Rules 2/24, C&P 8-0, Passed 2/26 59-0, Sent to Senate
HB2540 – Longdon Adds emotional abuse to protections for vulnerable adults. SUPPORT House Rules 2/24 passed 8-0;
2/26 Passed 58-1 as amended to expand definition and sent to Senate.
HB2598 – Roberts Sanctuary jurisdiction, has civil liability for all, cannot restrict law enforcement, must comply with immigration detainer, OPPOSE 2/26 Rules C&P 5-3
This bill could be voted on at any minute. Tell your own two representatives our opinion.
HB2646 – Weninger Suicide assistance – adds encouraging a minor and makes it manslaughter. The amendment at least requires that the person doing the encouraging is at least 18 before s/he can be charged. OPPOSE House Rules 2/24, C&P 8-0
House Passed 2/27, 60-0 as amended and sent to Senate.
HB2683 A Hernandez Anti-semitism added as hate crime to collect info –but there is a definition problem that could violate free speech.  SUPPORT CONCEPT BUT NEED TO AMEND. House Rules 2/27 C&P 4-3-1; 
House Passed 2/27, 52-8 and sent to Senate.
HB2706, Barto Athletics, biological sex, girls teams must be girls and must prove you are one. “Save Women’s Sports Act” or “Let Me See Your Genitals Act” OPPOSE House Rules 2/26 passed 5-3
This bill could be voted on at any minute. Tell your own two representatives our opinion.
HB2769, Longdon Supported decision making for guardians unless cannot make decisions at all.  SUPPORT Rules 2/25, C&P 7-0
House 2/27 passed as amended 59-1 and sent to Senate.  
HB2808, Blackman Prisoners, release time – one day for 6 plus 1.5 days for 6 if not violent or ag felony, completed drug program, or self improvement. Amendment makes it only apply to prisoners after effective date in January 2021.  So no current prisoners can benefit.  Should strip that off in Senate so it can apply to currently serving prisoners. 
Rules C&P passed 7-0
House 2/27 passed 60-0 as amended and sent to Senate

Every address is first initial and last name with So use that ending on every one.
SB1170 - Carter Dental care for PG women. The two Senators voting against were Eddie Farnsworth and Ugenti-Rita.
Senate passed on 2/26, 27-2 as amended and sent to House. 
SB1224, Allen Voucher bill to give state tax payers money to out of state schools, Brophy introduced amendments to give money to train and enforce this.  Allen introduced amendment to remove power from the Dept of Education to the Board.  It also would let the legislature appropriate left over money not the Dept. of Education. OPPOSE Senate passed as amended on 2/26, 16-14. And sent to House. Carter was the lone Republican who voted against this.  
SB1278, Boyer Victims ID and contact information not to go to defendant’s attorney.  SUPPORT BUT COULD BE DUE PROCESS ISSUES. Senate Rules 2/24 PFC passed
Senate on 2/27, passed 30-0 and sent to House
SB1393, Carter Jails, education, appropriation -provide to those under 21 w/o HS or GED, SUPPORT Senate Rules 2/24 PFC
Senate on 2/27, passed 30-0 and sent to House
SB1439, Ugenti-Rita Breast implant, informed consent - SUPPORT Senate Rules 2/24 PFC
Senate on 2/27 – Passed 30-0 and sent to House
SB1448, Mesnard Schools, posting of abuse number SUPPORT Senate Rules 2/24 PFC
Senate on 2/27, passed 29-1 and sent to House
SB1660, Boyer Child sex trafficking, omnibus, SUPPORT Senate Rules 2/24 PFC
This bill could be voted on at any minute. Tell your own senator our opinion.
HCR 2020, Nutt Lt. Gov and Gov run together OPPOSE House Rules 2/27, passed C&P, House COW 3/3. 
Let your own two representatives know your opinion. 
HB2054, Bolick Allows any person to attack a rule of the Clean Elections which they can now but also allows the governor’s hand picked regulatory council to modify, revise, or void.  Continued attack on Clean Elections. OPPOSE Senate Government 3/2
See contacts below.
HB2055, Blackman May do community restitution (work) for civil traffic violations fines, fees and surcharges at rate of $10/hour. SUPPORT Senate Transportation and Public Safety 3/04
9:00 a.m. SHR 109, Chair Dlivingston, vice fpratt; members – lcontreras, sborrelli, efarnsworth, skerr, lotondo, jpeshlakai

Senate Judiciary 3/5, 9:30 SHR109, chair efarnsworth, vice rgray, sborrelli, lcontreras, mquezada, vleach, adaleassandro
HB2084, Petersen Locals cannot require permitting if building int’l border wall, presumption state grants permission- amendment requires property owner to give city a certificate of completion. OPPOSE Senate Government 3/2
2:00 p.m. SHR3.  Chair dfarnsworth, vice sborrelli, members:  lalston, vleach, jmendez, fpratt, vsteele
HB2682 -A Hernandez Teaching Holocaust and genocide. SUPPORT Senate Education 3/3
2:00 pm, SHR1, Chair: sallen, vice: pboyer, Members: sborrelli, kbrophymcgee, adeleassandro, sgonzales, rgray, tpace, mquezada
HB2695 – Nutt  A course in financial literacy counts as a work activity for TANF: SUPPORT Passed 60-0 on 2/25 and sent to Senate
Senate Health and Human Services 3/04, 9 a.m. SH1, Chair kbrophymcgee, vice hcarter, members: sallen, rgray, tnavarrette, tpace, rrios, vsteele
HB2120 - Teller Can wear cultural regalia at graduation. SUPPORT but needs amendment to say your own culture. House Rules 3/02, 12:45, HHR4, despinoza, ddegrazia, rbowers, akern, bnutt, wpetersen, asalman, tshope
HB2413, Allen Retain jurisdiction of minor in juvenile court after they are turn 18 with certain factors. SUPPORT Senate Judiciary 3/05
See contact above.
HB2580, Allen Put 3,500 in prisoner transition program. SUPPORT Senate Judiciary 3/05
See contacts above.
HB2698, Bolding Day of Racial Healing. SUPPORT House Rules 3/02
See contacts above.
HB2727, Osborne Covering pregnant women for dental care under AHCCCS. SUPPORT House Rules 3/02
See contacts above.  
HB2764, Weninger Omnibus Mental health Bill. SUPPORT House COW 3/02
Contact your own two representatives.  
SB1036, Allen 3rd party admin of empowerment scholarships
House Education 3/2
2:00 pm, HHR1, Chair, 
Mudall; vice jfillmore; Members – nbarto, lbiasiucci, lblanc, rbolding, fcarroll, rcobb, alieberman, jpawlik, gpeten, tshope, ktownsend
SB1171 – Mesnard Criminal justice data – applies only to Maricopa county with ACJC to make up system for rest of state, removed ability of AG to withhold money from non-complying counties, SUPPORT  Senate Rules 3/2
1 p.m., Caucus room 1, chair kfann, vice rgray, member:  sborrelli, dbradley, efarnsworth, mquezada, rrios
SB1302, Pratt Decreases time of vehicle impoundment from 30 to 20 days, positive to get cars back to poor people who need them especially in rural areas.SUPPORT House Transportation 3/04
2:00 pm, HHR3, Chair, ncampbell, vice lbiasiucci, members: randrade, dcook, rgabaldon, kpayne, ateller, rteran, bthorpe
SB1315, Alston $250 for kinship foster care, remove eval. SUPPORT Senate Rules 2/24, PFC
Senate COW 3/2
Contact your own senator with your opinion.
SB1333, Livingston Peace officer rights, due process, get notice to even interview, can do on work time, limits questions that can be asked, can have representative there, limits when can be ordered to mental or behavioral exam, OPPOSE – we need more transparency with police not less. Senate Third Read 3/2
Contact your own senator with your opinion.
SB1434, Gowan Recall petitions, making more difficult, taking power from Secretary of State OPPOSE House Elections 3/3, 2:00 p.m., HH4, chair ktownsend ; vicechair, fcarroll, members: sbolick, jfilllmore, jjermaine, wpetersen, drodriguez,asalman, rteran, bthorpe.
SB1444, Bowie Absence for mental or behavioral health is excused. SUPPORT Senate passed 26-0 on 2/20 and transmitted to House
House Education 3/2
See Contacts above.
SB1446, Bowie If school issues ID, put suicide call number on there, SUPPORT Senate Rules 2/24 PFC
Senate Third Read 3/2
Contact your own senator with your opinion.
SB1472, Carter Postpartum, AHCCCS -plan to increase postpartum participation. SUPPORT Senate Appropriations 2/25, passed 8-1 
Senate Rules 3/2
See Contacts above.
SB1523 Brophy McGee Mental health omnibus – ID card w/info, mental health parity, advisory committee, suicide study, children’s behavioral health, Jake’s Law. SUPPORT Senate Appropriations 2/25, passed 9-0
Senate Rules 3/2
See Contacts above.
SB1529, Livingston Health care ministries – is not transaction of insurance so no regulations,  Have read horror stories about people who thought they were buying insurance and then found nothing was covered.  Need consumer regulation and protection.  OPPOSE Senate Third Read 3/2
Contact your own senator with your opinion.
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