2019-2021 State Coordinators

Our state coordinators are representatives from our different Arizona NOW chapters state-wide. For a description of the duties related to each position, please see the AZ NOW Bylaws (rev 3-14-15).

State Coordinator for Policy/Spokesperson

Sheila Ogea

Sheila Ogea

Sheila Ogea (East Valley chapter) joined NOW in 1989 after attending an abortion rights rally. Married for almost 50 years to the same man, she has two grown daughters. Past experience includes a run for State Representative and newsletter editor for the Arizona Women’s Political Caucus. She has served two terms as a southwest regional representative on the National NOW Board and is now serving her second term as AZ NOW Policy/Spokesperson. Contact Sheila at PolicySpokesperson@aznow.org.

State Coordinator for Chapter Development

Cindy Guerra

Cindy Guerra (Inez Casiano/Central Phoenix chapter) has been a NOW member since 1982. She was President of the South Suburban NOW chapter; VP for Chapter Development, VP Action, and President of Illinois NOW. In addition to serving on the National Board and as Great Lakes Region Director to the Board, Cindy served on the Women of Color Committee while on the Board. She has been a feminist since she was 6 years old and will remain a NOW member forever to support women’s rights and civil rights for all. Contact Cindy at Membership@aznow.org.

State Coordinator for Finance

Karen Van Hooft

Karen Van Hooft

Karen Van Hooft (East Valley chapter) is the Executive Editor for the Hispanic Research Center at Arizona State University. A long-time NOW member and former member of the National Board, Karen continues to contribute her talents and time to AZ NOW. Contact Karen at Meetings@aznow.org.

At-Large Member

Ginny–Lee Richardson

Ginny-Lee Richardson

Ginny–Lee Richardson (Phoenix unaffiliated) is a long-time member of NOW and AZNOW. In addition to serving as Treasurer, she has also served on the NOW PAC committee. Contact Ginny-Lee at glrichardsonNOW at gmail.com.

State Coordinator for Leadership & Training

Contact our Policy Spokesperson at policyspokesperson@aznow.org

State Coordinator for Legislative Action

Dianne Post

Dianne Post

Dianne Post is a lifelong feminist, a well-known author, an activist, and an international attorney. As an expert in gender violence, sex-trafficking, prostitution, and pornography, she is prominent figure in Arizona politics and civics. Dianne has been the primary force behind the ERA Task Force AZ. She is also chair of the Legislative Committee of the Central Phoenix-Inez Casiano (CPIC) chapter and produces legislative action alerts for CPIC and AZNOW. Contact Dianne at pr@aznow.org.

State Coordinator for Membership & Newsletters

Contact our Membership chair at Membership@aznow.org

State Coordinator for Political Action

David Ayodele

David Ayodele (Central Phoenix/Inez Casiano chapter) joined NOW in early 2017. He enjoys web development, playing percussion instruments, and tries to avoid WordPress like he tries to avoid Walmart, finding many similarities between them. Apart from PAC duties, he works on the websites aznow.org and aznowpac.org and helps produce legislative action alerts for AZNOW. Contact our PAC chair at chair@aznowpac.org.

State Coordinator for Publicity

Contact our Legislative Action chair at pr@aznow.org

State Coordinator for Technology & Electronic Media / Webmaster

Contact our PAC chair at chair@aznowpac.org