AZ NOW PAC needs you!

New AZ NOW PAC Committee forming 2017-2019! We are ready to endorse without remorse! Kristen Pierce welcomes you to the new two-year commitment committee for endorsing AZ candidates and recommendations for National NOW endorsement. You can find more information about AZ, local and National endorsement here: Surveys, raising money, following campaigns OH MY! You can … Continue reading AZ NOW PAC needs you!

August 26th special events!

Saturday, August 26th marks the passing of the 19th Amendment, granting the right to vote to select American women. The progress of women's equality in Arizona is gaining attention, and efforts to increase the level of public awareness and garner bipartisan support to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment are not going away anytime soon. We will continue … Continue reading August 26th special events!

Equal Means Equal Movie Night with #askERAday

We hope you will join us on April 21st for our first Campus Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) Day. Campuses and individuals across the country will watch the documentary 'Equal Means Equal' on their campuses, in their dorms or at a private house party at 6 pm ET/ 5 pm CT/ 4 pm MT/ 3 pm PT. Individuals can rent or purchase the film through Amazon or iTunes.

On Equal Pay Day, NOW Reaffirms Commitment to Closing Gender-Race Wage Gap

Statement by NOW President Terry O'Neill 04.04.2017 April 4, 2017 marks the day when women ”catch up” to the wages earned by white men in 2016. Women still earn, on average, just 80 cents for every dollar earned by a white man. From this number, it is obvious that an embarrassing pay inequity exists between women and … Continue reading On Equal Pay Day, NOW Reaffirms Commitment to Closing Gender-Race Wage Gap

#AZNOW Legislative Alert

Thanks to our AZ NOW Legislative Coordinator Dianne Post for our weekly update. 1-27-17 / updated 1-29-17 If you are on Request To Speek (RTS), please log in and at least click support or oppose for the measures. You don't have to leave a comment if you don't want to. ACTION: RTS website address: … Continue reading #AZNOW Legislative Alert

Free Marissa Now Statement on Marissa Alexander’s Freedom:

Free Marissa Now Statement on Marissa Alexander's Freedom:January 27, 2017 #AZNOW Reposted 1-27-17 Today, after 3 years behind bars and 2 years of house detention, Marissa Alexander was finally released from state confinement. Marissa Alexander has been punished for over 5 years for defending her life from a domestic violence attack threatening her life nine … Continue reading Free Marissa Now Statement on Marissa Alexander’s Freedom: