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January 24, 2017
Oppose Confirmation of Unqualified Nominee Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary
DeVos is Clearly Unqualified – Betsy DeVos, a voucher and charter school promoter, has absolutely no experience with public education and is one of the most unqualified candidates to be picked by the incoming Trump administration. A billionaire, DeVos has spent millions to promote vouchers using taxpayer funds which often end up supporting religiously-affiliated schools, unaccountable charter and online schools. The billions of public dollars that now flow to these private, religious and even for-profit entities deprive local public schools of critically needed finances.
Charter Schools Unaccountable – Numerous studies have shown that, in general, taxpayer-funded, voucher-supported charter schools do not improve student outcomes as compared to similar public schools. Additionally, these schools do not have to comply with certain state and federal laws and students are not covered by the same protections that public school students are provided. Voucher-supported schools are not financially and administratively accountable to the public; lack of transparency and fiscal mismanagement characterize many voucher-supported schools in various states.
Michigan Student Achievement Declines – In Michigan where charter schools abound – thanks to the DeVos family – the state sends $1 billion in education funding each year to charter schools; 80 percent of charters are for-profit operations. Over the last two decades Michigan’s rank has fallen on national reading and math tests and most charter schools perform below average. A 2015 federal review found “an unreasonably high” percentage of charter schools on Michigan’s list of lowest-performing schools.
DeVos Wants to “Advance” God’s Kingdom in Schools – DeVos’ family has contributed more than $200 million to the Republican Party and $47 million to politicians committed to undermining public schools, including campaign contributions to Republican senators considering her nomination. A religious fundamentalist, DeVos has said that her work is a way to “advance God’s kingdom” and, if confirmed, will help Donald Trump carry out a promise to send $20 billion of taxpayer funds to unaccountable voucher-supported schools.
Hearings Demonstrated DeVos’ Lack of Understanding – During the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee hearings, Ms. DeVos consistently demonstrated her lack of understanding of such important programs as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and Title IX equal education protections and enforcement of policies related to sexual harassment and sexual assault on campus, as overseen by the Office for Civil Rights. When asked if she would commit to upholding the Department’s guidance on Title IX as it relates to sexual assault, DeVos would not commit to doing so at this time.
Please use the formatted message (or write one of your own) in this action alert to urge senators to oppose the confirmation of Department of Education (DoED) secretary nominee, Betsy DeVos.

This article has been reposted with permission. Kathryn Mitchell, NOWPAC.az@gmail.com
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Thanks to #NOWAZ Legislative Coordinator Dianne Post! Be sure to stay tuned, THERE WILL BE MORE...
2017 Legislation List 
Repeal Prop 105, allowing legislature the right to repeal citizens initiative or referenda
HCR 2004
Repeal clean elections
Appropriations, hearing on 1/25

HCR 2006
Constitutional Convention - no
HCR 2007
Allow legislature to repeal referenda
HCR 2010
Constitutional Convention
Ratification of the ERA
Constitutional convention for balanced budget - no
Repeal right to work
Civil penalty for marijuana up to one ounce
Repeal required fingerprinting for TANF, SNAP
Prohibited courses in schools and colleges – includes women’s studies and social justice
Prohibited acts re immigration, requiring cities to cooperate with homeland security and cops
Assigned to FPR&PP, hearing on 1/24

Minimum wage – if change job at same employer or do training program, can pay less than minimum, pre-empt future initiatives
Sex trafficking – vacate conviction of victims
Mental health, firearm possession, can file for injunction to prevent said person from having a firearm
HB 2154
Supervised prisoners, graduated sanctions, includes those on parole, see SB 1067
Extend lifetime limit of cash assistance to 18 months (SEE HB2266)
Study committee for adverse childhood experiences
Appropriate for child care wait list, eliminates wait list, Alston
Sex trafficking – makes many changes to different laws changing “child prostitution” to “sex trafficking” to fit with federal and international aw, recommended 6 years ago! Took out “intent” requirement as required, defines same as federal definition, Farnsworth
Assigned to Judiciary & Public Safety Committee

Incompetent defendants, involuntary commitment for sexually violent, prosecutor file, can hold in jail
Cash assistance, lifetime limit is 24 months SEE HB2183
Must submit sexual assault evidence kits in 15 days, annual reporting on rape kits
Judiciary and public safety, hearing on 1/25/17
BIC presumption that joint custody is best
Contract out to third party to verify ID for benefits, makes it harder, makes recipients pay for their own verification
Child custody regulation – limits investigators and so called experts, $50/hour limit to pay, can’t order to pay beyond persons ability, cannot make recommendations – good one
Electoral College – shall vote for candidate with highest # of votes in state
Perjury in divorce actions is crime - NO
Criminal history – hiring, can ask only after a conditional offer, only about last 5 years, only if directly related to job
Using school resources for religious purposes is prohibited
Repeal of right to work
End of life decisions – leave to us
Public employees, collective bargaining, yes
Constitutional convention - no
ERA Ratification
Assigned Government, Kavanagh chair
Theft of flag is crime- Kavanagh
Passed Jud, 4-3, in rules,

Technical correction – restoration of rights
Technical correction – prostitution and employment
Adds Political beliefs as hate crimes, Kavanagh “political affiliation, beliefs or opinion”
Christian science nurses are not exempt from reporting child or adult abuse
Aggressive soliciting illegal, Kavanagh
Assigned to jud, hearing on 1/26
Cash assistance to children allowed if living with unrelated adult and in DCS care
HHS – hearing on 1/25
Juvenile justice reform study committee, Farley
Ratification of constitutional convention, transmission route, publish
Repeals ban on ethnic studies in schools, Quezada
Assigned to Education
Fetal death – (Lesko) not about abortion but if don’t make a category of exclusion for fetal death, the patient cannot be counted in survey?
HHS, hearing on 1/25
Competency hearings – shorten TF from Task Force Jeremy and I are on
Borrelli, TF – ending court debts in 20 years, fine mitigation, non payment does not mean revocation, can mitigate if hardship, pays money to person not probation officer, community restitution, time spent on other crimes counts, can waive interest and it’s down from 10% to 4%,
Borrelli – TF – driving violation, restricted rather than suspended license, w/o glasses is misd, caught is civil violation not criminal, cop cannot take care unless driving on revoked not suspended license,
Borrelli – TF – hearing bonds, release procedures, replace bail with bond, replace bail schedule except for misd, hearing if keep in, conditions of release
Dependency, household, felony – before returning a child home, check criminal records of everyone in home and with contact, could be problem
Desegregation money – force schools to do override naming it desegregation money and if don’t pass, then reduce money by 15% for 5 years. Also limits override in amount and years (7).
Want to write to your Arizona Legislative Representative? Here is the direct resource:
1) http://www.azleg.gov/ general information for all your questions to be answered
2) https://apps.azleg.gov/ registers you to submit your opinion as OFFICIAL record. *****There is a final step in the process that needs to be done in person, at the AZ Capital, yet if you are unable to complete this step on your own, we have volunteers ready to support you in getting it done.*****

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A Million Thanks to Organizers and Marchers – Women Made History!
Printable PDF
January 24, 2017
NOW activists are still thrilled and energized by the overwhelming turnout – not only for the Women’s March on Washington – but the impressive marches that took place in hundreds of cities and towns across the U.S. and around the world. The Washington March attendance was estimated at over half million and a rough total for all marchers in the U.S. ran as high as upwards of three million – declared the largest gathering of protest marchers in U.S. history.
Making March History – In D.C., Metro officials announced that the March day ridership was the second busiest day in the Washington subway system’s history, with 1,001,613 trips (compare this with Trump’s Inauguration Day’s recorded 570,557 trips). Of course, there could have been many more than the 500,000 attendees at the D.C. event and it certainly felt like closer to a million for those of us who participated. The crowd was such that police were encouraging the waves of incoming marchers to fill side streets. The crowd was so large, it was impossible for most marchers to get anywhere near the stage on Independence Avenue where members of Congress, actors and VIPs spoke for nearly five hours.
In Chicago a stunning success where the crowd was estimated at more than 250,000, the event had to be closed down because the marchers were so tightly packed they could not move. A quarter of a million New Yorkers filled 42nd Street, but observers said that the total could be as high as 400,000 as more marchers came in successive waves. In Boston, 175,000 gathered at Boston Common. In Los Angeles, an astounding 750,000 marchers packed the streets along a route from Pershing Square to City Hall. Scores of smaller marches took place in other parts of the larger L.A. metropolitan area, plus 50 other locations throughout California. At the NOW office we received email messages from members and supporters in smaller communities expressing surprise and pride that many thousands more than expected turned out in protest.
Hear Our Message – All marches and rallies everywhere were reported peaceful except for the exuberance of marchers who had something to say out loud about Donald Trump and about their passion for women’s rights, human rights, feminism, reproductive rights, LGBTQIA rights, the Affordable Care Act, immigrants, gender equality, racial justice and other favored causes. Some criticized the new president for attacks on Muslims, on climate change, on Mexicans and lack of respect for persons with disabilities and his inclination to grab women’s sex organs. A few noted the president’s evident conflicts of interest, non-disclosure of his taxes, and what they believe is his intention to use the office of president for personal financial gain.
Thousands of creative, funny, critical, sarcastic and compelling messages covered signs everywhere. Quite few hailed the new “Re-sisterhood.” Others noted that “You Can’t Comb-over Misogyny” and “Nasty Women United,” “Keep Your Hands Off My Private Parts,” “Protect Roe v. Wade,” “Save the Affordable Care Act,” “ Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire,” “Love Trumps Hate,” “America Will Not Be Defined by the Malice of Donald Trump,” and many other novel messages. In D.C. piles of these signs were left on the Ellipse south of the White House with the idea that Trump’s people would see how marchers felt about the new administration.
Amazing Response from Around the World – What was immensely gratifying was the response around the world: 673 cities in 70 countries, including a gathering of 30 people in Antarctica!. From London, to Tel Aviv, Moscow, Paris, Tokyo, Sydney – all declared their sisterhood with U.S. women in their advocacy for women’s equal rights and opposition to Trump’s misogyny. Many more in other countries catching on a bit late want to stage their own women’s marches. In sum, it is an amazing uprising of a global women’s consciousness that can be pivotal for change to bring about women’s equal rights, full reproductive health and rights, access to education and economic opportunities. (For more about the marches and rallies here in the U.S. and around the world, check out the articles linked at the end of this article.)
Thanks to Everyone Who Helped – A special thanks should go to activists who helped plan and organize local marches, to all those who called and emailed friends and family urging them to attend, to those who volunteered to distribute signs and gather signatures at the marches, and to the millions who marched or rallied and sent women’s messages loud and clear. Your work made the marches around the country a tremendous success, increased NOW’s visibility and expanded our network of feminist activists. Together we will move forward as an unstoppable force for women’s equality.
Our Commitment to Post-March Activism
The serious work begins now with a dedicated grassroots outpouring to protect and advance the gains women in the United States have made over the last half century. Here is what we must do:
Re-commit to oppose any repeal or further undermining of women’s abortion rights and access to contraception and a restoration of full access to reproductive health care services in every community.
Oppose any Trump administration effort to defund women’s health clinics, to de-fund domestic and sexual violence assistance programs, and other critical human needs programs that support low- and moderate income families.
Exert pressure on members of Congress who would repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) without an orderly transition to an improved, more affordable health insurance plan that provides the same (or better) guarantees and coverage that the ACA currently provides.
Fight any law or policy that reduces equal access to education and limits girls’ and women’s economic opportunities, including laws and policies that weaken policies against sexual harassment and sexual assault.
Continue to promote equal pay through new laws and to seek full ratification of an Equal Rights Amendment.
Work in concert with communities of color to end discrimination and abusive treatment and to improve educational and economic opportunities.
Oppose all efforts to undermine these vital programs than benefit more than 100 million women, men and children by communicating directly with members of Congress about the need to protect and expand Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.
Protect LGBTQIA equality gains and work to achieve comprehensive non-discrimination policies and laws.
Help identify and recruit feminist candidates for all levels of public office; encourage and support them in their campaigns for election. We must overturn the conservative Republican majorities that control legislatures in two-thirds of the states and Congress.
Seek to turn those lawmakers out of office who vote to defund these critical programs and work to elect lawmakers who will advocate for equal rights, for women’s reproductive health care, for programs that lift up economic well-being of low- and moderate-income families, and who support our feminist principles.
Oppose restrictive voter ID laws, initiatives that limit the number polling places, early voting and other efforts undertaken by conservative activists to limit votes by persons of color, women, students, low-income individuals and others who face challenges in obtaining photo IDs or getting to the polls.
A Sampling of News Articles about the Historic Marches
Women’s March on Washington – A Sea of Pink-Hatted Protesters Vow to Resist Donald Trump,
A Record Show of Solidarity and Resistance at the Women’s March on Washington,
Women’s March – New York City,
Women’s March on Washington, Boston and Around the World,
Women’s March In Los Angeles Draws and Estimated 750,000,
Chicago Women’s March – More Than 250,000 people, Majority of Them Women on the Move Against Trump and Trumpism,
Worldwide People Rally in Support of Women’s March on Washington,
Downloadable Resources
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Reposted by NOW AZ,  1-24-17

To schedule an interview with Terry O’Neill, president of the National Organization for Women, today or tomorrow for the Women’s March, please email press@now.org.
Today Donald Trump took the oath of office, and became 45th president of the United States. Today, and every day for the next four years, we will resist his white nationalist agenda.
Throughout a long and divisive campaign, Mr. Trump made it clear that he does NOT believe that women’s rights are human rights. As committed advocates for the dignity and equality of women, in all our diversity, National Organization for Women activists are mobilizing to promote gender equality.
There is a powerful resistance movement swelling in our nation. Hundreds of thousands of people are preparing to attend Women’s Marches tomorrow, January 21. NOW will be proud to continue that work on January 22 and afterward. We face many challenges ahead, but we intend to achieve reproductive justice, an end to the sexual abuse to prison pipeline, a constitutional guarantee of gender equality, and secure voting rights for every individual in our country.
In his inaugural address today, Mr. Trump made a promise to people in the United States: “you will never be ignored again.” Believe me, we will NOT be ignored. We will not allow Mr. Trump to forget people of color, immigrants, LGBTQIA folks, disabled individuals, women, or any other marginalized group. We are raising our voices loud, and we will fight back!
M.E. Ficarra , press@now.org , 951-547-1241 
, ,

Thank you to our Legislative Reporter Dianne Post!
During the Arizona legislative session you can count on Dianne's reports to give you the unfiltered briefs targeted to the issues you're willing to consider taking action on.

ACTION ITEM – AZ NOW – January 21, 2017
HCR2012 – ratification of ERA in House – not assigned. Need letters, phone calls, emails to Speaker of the House: J.D. Mesnard (R), District 17 (Chandler, Gilbert, Sun Lakes) 602-926-4481, JMESNARD@azleg.gov, Arizona State Capitol, J.D. Mesnard, Room 223, 1700 W. Washington, Phoenix, AZ 85007
Action: Assign HCR2012 (ERA) to the government committee immediately so that it can be heard (more favorable than judiciary).
SCR1003 – ratification of ERA in Senate – assigned to government unfortunately chaired by John Kavanagh. So write to Senator Kavanagh (R ) asking him to schedule it for a hearing. District 23 (Fountain Hills), 602-926-5170, JKAVANAGH@azleg.gov, Room 300, 1700 W Washington, AZ 85007
Bills up for hearing next week:
HCR 2004
Repeal clean elections
Oppose, House Appropriations, hearing on 1/25
Prohibited acts re immigration, requiring cities to cooperate with homeland security and cops
Oppose, Assigned to House FPR&PP, hearing on 1/24
Must submit sexual assault evidence kits in 15 days, annual reporting on rape kits
Support, House Judiciary and public safety, hearing on 1/25/17
Aggressive soliciting illegal, Kavanaugh
Oppose Assigned to Senate judiciary, hearing on 1/26
Cash assistance to children allowed if living with unrelated adult and in DCS care
Support, Senate Health Human Services – hearing on 1/25

Want to write to your Arizona Legislative Representative? Here is the direct resource:
1) http://www.azleg.gov/ 
general information for all your questions to be answered
2) https://apps.azleg.gov/ 
registers you to submit your opinion as OFFICIAL record. *****There is a final step in the process that needs to be done in person, at the AZ Capital, yet if you are unable to complete this step on your own, we have volunteers ready to support you in getting it done.*****

AZ Capital, Phoenix, AZ

The North High School Affiliate Chapter was marching today. I saw them across the crowd holding NOW Rounds with determination and compassion. The knowledge of their empowerment and seeing their joy was one of the most satisfying moments of my career as a teacher. Kathryn Mitchell Baumgardner 

It's your turn. What was a highlight of the #WomensMarch for you?

Greetings NOW members,
Happy New Year - a new year with lots of challenges!
We need you now more than ever as the attack on women and other social groups is unfortunately strong against all of us. We appreciate your membership and involvement.  
Please take the time to attend our meeting on Sunday, 1/22.
We have a new location: Arizona Commission on the Arts 417 W Roosevelt St, Phoenix, Arizona 85003
If you cannot attend the meeting, please follow the Chapter website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook page &/or subscribe to our by monthly newsletter.
We need your participation in various activities. There are several events going on.
January 20 and 21st:
Friday, January 20- Protest at the Capitol ( 9 am)
Friday, January 20- Peace Vigil at Hance Park (7 pm) Safety Pin Nation 
Saturday, January 21- Women’s March at the Capitol ( 10 am) We need you to help staff the table we will have. Please let us know if you can help.
I hope to see you at the meeting or an upcoming event. Thank you for being a NOW member. Our voices are needed more now than ever!
Olga Tsoudis Interim NOW President Inez Casiano Central Phoenix Chapter
For more information:

Safety Pin Nation, "...those who wear safety pins are considered "safe places". In Spanish, the words "safety pin" translate to "los imperdibles", or, "those which cannot be lost". Safety Pin Nation™ is made up of many different individuals supporting a myriad of important causes that we believe cannot be lost..." Find out more at http://www.strongertogetheraz.com/

Woman's March on Washington - Phoenix "Become the soul of the nation." Find out more at http://www.arizonawomensmarch.com/phoenix

The organizers from WMOW have BIG NEWS!!!
There are 9 yes NINE, Sister Marches in Arizona: Ajo, Flagstaff, Green Valley, Jerome, Phoenix, Prescott, Sedona, Tucson, Yuma... and ???
IS YOUR MARCH NOT LISTED?? Click and let organizers know. Sister Marches Register Here
AZ Sister Marches as of 1-15-17 cited 10:08PM https://www.womensmarch.com/sisters.
Ajo — Women's March - Ajo, AZ
Flagstaff — Women's March - Flagstaff, AZ
Green Valley — Women's March on Washington - Green Valley Rally
Jerome — Jerome Stands in Solidarity
Phoenix — Women's March - Phoenix, AZ
Prescott — Women's March - Prescott, AZ
Sedona — Sedona AZ Peaceful Unity March
Tucson — Women's March - Tucson, AZ
Yuma — Women's March - Yuma, AZ
Sister Marches Press Releases
tinacassidy1@gmail.com (717) 478-3703
Media Contact: Tina Cassidy
Women’s Marches Planned for all 50 States and More Than 40 Other Global Cities Grassroots Efforts from Sydney to Atlanta Could Top 1 Million Participants Organizing for Freedom and Democracy for All
BOSTON, Jan. 9, 2017 - The Women’s March on Washington has inspired nearly 300 other ‘sister marches’ to take place on Jan. 21. All 50 states and Puerto Rico are confirmed to have at least one grassroots-led march on that day, as well as 55 global cities on six continents, from Tokyo to Sydney, Nairobi to Paris to Bogotá.
“This is an unprecedented, organic and viral grassroots global movement that is growing everyday. More than 500,000 people have already committed to march all over the country and the world in just a matter of weeks,” said Boston-based national sister march spokeswoman Yordanos Eyoel, who became a U.S. citizen last fall. “The aggregate turnout has the potential to exceed 1 million marchers. What makes this movement even more special is that people who have never been politically active before are now mobilizing.”
While each person may have their own reasons for marching, the mission is to bring people together to take a stand on issues that deeply impact all of us. The marches will seek to reaffirm the core American values of freedom and democracy for all at a time when many fear that their voices will be lost, specifically related to women’s rights, immigrant rights, worker rights, reproductive rights, LGBTQIA rights, environmental rights, rights for all races, and religious freedom.
Spearheaded by first time-organizers and seasoned activists, the marches are bringing together people of all backgrounds, races, religions, gender identities, ages and abilities, as well as communities of immigrants. While led by women, all are welcome to attend the marches. More than 300,000 people have signed up on Facebook to attend a local march, in addition to approximately 200,000 who have said they will attend the Women’s March on Washington.
Each march will have its own program, from music and speeches to a rally at a suffragist’s grave in upstate New York, to a verbal “human mosaic” of people in Napa Valley sharing their vision for the future. In Maui, the march will begin with a moment of silence followed by a Hawaiian blessing. In Birmingham, Ala., marchers will gather at the 16th Baptist Church, an iconic civil rights site. In Berlin, the march, to be held Jan. 20, will end at the Brandenburg Gate.
“We need to stand united in the fight for justice and recognition of our shared humanity,” said Little Rock, Ark.’s sister march organizer and Be the Change Alliance founder Gwendolynn Combs, who has never been politically active before now. “The Women's March for Arkansas strives to build that momentum by uniting, educating, and empowering new activists, exposing them to new ideas, and providing direction while connecting them to advocacy organizations.”
The cities with the largest number of march registrants so far include Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Boston, Denver, San Francisco, New York, Austin and Minneapolis/St. Paul. But even marches in small and non-coastal cities are gaining momentum as well, in places such as Topeka, Nashville, Des Moines, Oklahoma City, Columbus, and Phoenix.
“We’re excited that women across the nation and the world are organizing to stand together in solidarity. Our unity will send a strong and clear message that women and our allies will protect our rights, our health, our safety and our communities,” said Bob Bland, a co-chair of Women’s March on Washington. “These sister marches show a powerful and inclusive movement, which is just as crucial as the thousands who will travel to D.C."
For a complete list of the marches, or to find the march nearest you, visit the Women's March on Washington’s sister march international directory.
FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/Womens-March-on-Washington-1338822066131069/ 
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/womensmarch and the hashtag #sistermarch
INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/womensmarch

Statement of NOW President Terry O’Neill endorsing the Women’s March on Washington 
12.07.2016 (Reposted 1-13-17)
The National Organization for Women proudly endorses the Women’s March on Washington. On January 21, 2017, we will join with activists from across the country in a historic and necessary affirmation that women’s rights are human rights. There is no better place for us to deliver this message than Washington, D.C. on the first day of the new administration.Dedicated to intersectional grassroots organizing to lead societal change, NOW stands in unwavering solidarity with our sisters whose communities have been insulted, demonized and threatened in recent months, including communities of color, LGBTQIA people, those with diverse religious faiths particularly Muslims, people with disabilities, economically impoverished people, survivors of sexual assault, and those who seek–and the caring professionals who provide–safe, affordable abortion care and birth control.
NOW’s activists and leaders will be on the front lines with our sisters in the struggle, supporting their leadership We will not trade away the rights of one group of women for the advancement of another. We unite with all women who seek freedom and self-determination, and join hands with all of the great movements seeking equity, parity, empowerment, and justice. We will not submit, nor will we be intimidated. But we will keep moving forward. 
Our task ahead will be difficult and often painful. But the Women’s March will set the tone for a new upwelling of grassroots activism, advocacy, and resistance. Women will never go back. Together, we will fight back! 
M.E. Ficarra , press@now.org , 951-547-1241 
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1-21-17 local to global

The organizers from WMOW have BIG NEWS!!! Sister marches are local, national and global.
There are 7 official marches in Arizona: Ajo, Flagstaff, Green Valley, Phoenix, Prescott, Sedona, Tucson... and ???
IS YOUR MARCH NOT LISTED?? Click and let organizers know. 
Women's March on Washington - Sister Marches