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Sexual harassment not the problem, cultural shift from patriarchy needed

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Convening Chapter Meeting held Saturday, November 11 at NAU Campus in Flagstaff:

A small group met at 10:00 am in the Northern Arizona University Women's and Gender Studies office, SBS West (Building 70), Suite 100.  Dr. Dayle Hardy-Short offered some insight through her research on the status and history of the ERA.
Some of the benefits of joining a national feminist organization were discussed as well as current threats to women's rights.  We also discussed the possible overlap of work currently being done by other progressive groups such as Together We Will.
But.  Triumphantly.  In the end, a NOW Flagstaff chapter was convened!  the group made plans for the next meeting date, time and place which will be the same location where they met on Saturday, November 11.  The next meeting will be held on December 9.
Dorene Campbell
Co-Coordinator for Chapter Development, AZ NOW
Link to article regarding AZ NOW Flagstaff Meet & Greet

AZ NOW State Conference is taking place Tucson, AZ on Saturday, March 17th, 2018.  More details to follow.  All are welcome to join!

I am excited to announce that Arizona NOW is Sponsoring the We the People Summit on 11/4 in Phoenix, AZ.  I hope to see you there!  Prices go up on 10/15, please purchase your tickets today!
Go to the link below to learn more and to purchase your ticket(s):

Make your voices heard on August 29

Election day is next Tuesday, August 29 for Phoenix, Prescott, Tucson, and Yuma.
While it's too late to request an early ballot or mail in your early ballot, you can vote early in person through 5:00 PM this Friday, August 25. And if you can't make the early vote, be sure to vote on the 29th. These are important elections and we all need to MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD!

Election info

10-9-16 Presidential Debate Watch Party Inez Casiano NOW Chapter invites members & non-members
Sunday, October 9th 5:30-8:00 pm (Debate Time 6-7:30)
And we get to support a local business! Grace owner of Tuck Shop, is an amazing feminist, host and small business owner - thanks Grace!

Tuck's Shop 2245 North 12th Street Phoenix, AZ 85012

Wine raffle, bumper stickers yard signs and other campaign fun will be there. Ohhhhh and even some of our favorite candidates, hmmmmmmm.


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MujeresPorAnn.@NOWPAC respalda Kirkpatrick para el Senado de Estados Unidos en Arizona tabla de unión Capitán: #NOWporANN ya que el apoyo <3 #MujeresPorAnn el evento! boletos o donaciones
viernes 16/09/16 10:00 am a 11:30 am con LaSen. NY Kirsten Gilibrand en Phoenix
¿Cuánto cuesta un asiento a un costo de mesa? 10 asientos combinados de cualquier $$$$ $$.
Nivel Bronce: $2,500 tabla podría tener cada persona que paga $250, una persona que paga $1,000 con todos los demás que componen la diferencia, una persona que paga todo el $2,500, etc.
¿Cómo debería la gente pagar por un asiento en mi mesa?
Si paga con cheque, el cheque a nombre de "Kirkpatrick para el Senado" y en la sección de notas de escritura "Mujeres por Ann". Si en línea, por favor haga que pagan a través del correspondiente enlace regional única ActBlue:
AZ central:
Norte AZ:
Southern AZ:
Western AZ:
¿Cómo verifico que la gente que estoy invitando a sentarse en mi mesa han pagado?
Hay varias maneras. La primera consiste en un correo electrónico o Stephanie Eric el nombre o nombres de los que hay que añadir a su mesa y qué cantidad que deben esperar. La segunda es que puede introducir los nombres en la hoja de cálculo de Google que tiene un hipervínculo en su correo electrónico de confirmación inicial capitán de la mesa, escribe su contribución prevista en la columna "Pledge", y Eric o Stephanie escribirá en la cantidad que recibieron de la persona en el "A cargo" una vez que se recibe.
capitán de la mesa: #NOWporANN & Kathryn Baumgardner
¿Cómo va a asientos en el trabajo evento?
Las tablas se asignan números y el personal estará a su disposición para dirigir el día del evento.
Gracias de nuevo y por favor no dude con cualquier otra pregunta,
Stephanie D'Ulisse y Eric Chalmers


As welcome as monsoon rain in the Sonoran desert, the AZ NOW PAC showers the Valley thirsty for feminist voter guidance

Women's votes will decide the future

8.4.2016 - Kathryn Baumgardner, AZ NOW PAC Coordinator, released the second set of endorsements for the upcoming primary election.
Based on answers to our survey, AZ NOW PAC endorses:
MICHELLE ROBERTSON - Maricopa County Superintendent of Schools
KIANA MARIA SEARS - Mesa Unified School District Governing Board
DAVID BRADLEY - LD 10 State Senate
RALPH ATCHUE - LD 11 State Senate
SCOTT PRIOR - LD 16 State Senate
SEAN BOWIE - LD 18 State Senate
KATIE HOBBS  - LD 24 State Senate
ERIC MEYER- LD 28 State Senate
MARTÍN QUEZADA - LD 29 State Senate
DANIEL HERNANDEZ JR  -LD 2 State Representative
CARMEN CASILLAS  - LD 8 State Representative
RANDALL FRIESE  - LD 9 State Representative
PAMELA POWERS HANNLEY  - LD 9 State Representative
KRISTEN ENGEL - LD 10 State Representative
BRANDON DWYER - LD 15 State Representative
CARA PRIOR - LD 16 State Representative
SHARON STANDARD - LD 16 State Representative
DENISE "Mitzi" EPSTEIN - LD 18 State Representative
DEANNA RASMUSSEN-LACOTTA - LD 21 State Representative
TAMMY CAPUTI - LD 23 State Representative
KATHLEEN RAHN  - LD 25 State Representative
CELESTE PLUME - LD 26 State Representative
KELLI BUTLER - LD 28 State Representative
The Arizona heat is not the only source of a mirage that has left voters in a haze. Candidates are fiercely fighting for their primary victories, leaving voters and the issues behind. The AZ NOW PAC offers a tall glass of water with its second round of endorsements. On Wednesday, August 3rd, early voting began for the Primary Election. AZ NOW’s members and others educated by the AZ NOW PAC endorsement process can rely on the rigorous questions on a broad feminist agenda that includes reproductive rights and justice, economic justice, ending violence against women, racial justice, LBGTQIA rights, and constitutional equality. This second round of feminist freedom fighters and up-and-comers listed here supports feminists dedicated to electing a majority of public officials who are committed to the advancement of women’s rights at all levels of political office.
National NOW has endorsed Victoria Steele for CD 2. This endorsement is based on the AZ NOW PAC federal candidate endorsement survey and resulting recommendation.
Contact: Kathryn Baumgardner,, 602-430-9454

The AZ State NOW website may contain advertisements for third parties or political ads. The advertisements on the AZ State NOW website should be labeled “advertisement” or “sponsored.” The AZ State NOW does not explicitly or implicitly endorse third parties in exchange for advertising and advertising does not influence content or actions.