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logo_header-now-pacThe National Organization for Women is a grassroots feminist organization.
Women’s votes will decide the future.


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NOW PACs are determined to elect a majority of elected officials who are committed to the advancement of women’s rights in all levels of political office. As we head toward 2016, NOW PAC’s political work will also focus on electing a feminist woman to be president of the United States.
The strength of our endorsement lies with the support and enthusiasm that our members bring to the campaigns of candidates endorsed by NOW PAC. NOW PAC values involvement and recommendations of NOW state and chapter leaders in the endorsement process. Learn more at

Feminist VOTERS Unite!!!

We Endorse on a Rigorous Criteria

At the federal level, NOW/PAC relies on recommendations from state and local NOW chapters that are familiar with a candidate’s record and positions. All NOW PACs base their endorsements on a broad feminist agenda. No other PACs expect candidates to take such strong stands on such a wide range of issues. These issues include, but are not limited to:
  • Reproductive rights and justice
  • Economic justice
  • Ending violence against women
  • Racial justice
  • LBGT rights (including marriage equality)
  • Constitutional Equality


After the elections, NOW activists work with the officials our PACs helped elect to assist and encourage them in meeting their commitment to be leaders in the fight for equality and justice for all women.

CANDIDATES Unite… HOW??? To obtain a US, state or local endorsement from Arizona’s PAC is a two step procedure for candidates: 1) Survey 2) Interview. Some candidates do not need to interview depending on the results of the survey and/or past voting record.

National-FlagObtain federal endorsement = At the federal level, NOW PAC relies on recommendations from the NOW state organization that is familiar with a candidate’s record and positions. If you are a Federal – US candidate seeking National NOW endorsement start here with our AZ NOW PAC on-line or downloadable surveyAZ NOW PAC recommendation for National – US <- Link

State flag AZIf you are a state or local candidate seeking state or local AZ NOW PAC endorsement begin with taking this on-line or downloadable survey: AZ NOW PAC Candidate Survey: LOCAL – AZ <- Link

NOW Members support Feminist Candidates!

AZ NOW PAC Coordinator took this picture while volunteering on phones and walking with petitions for these great leaders of the community: Lela Alston LD24 Rep & PUHSD Governing Board President; Dr. Chad E. Gestson, PUHSD Superintendent; Ken Clark LD 24 Rep., Katie Hobbs LD 24 Senator, at a canvas in the Spring of 2016 with the AEA.

Working in concert with the AEA, Kathryn Baumgardner – AZ NOW PAC Coordinator, took the above picture while volunteering on phones and walking with petitions for these great leaders of the community.

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