Federal Congressional Races

National NOW/PAC has made the following endorsements:

U.S. House CD 1: Ann Kirkpatrick ($)

U.S. House CD 3: Raúl Grijalva ($)

U.S. House CD 9: Kyrsten Sinema ($)

Arizona Legislative Races

Dist. 2 Senate: Linda López ($)

House: Andrea Dalessandro*

Dist. 8 Senate: Barbara McGuire

House: Emily Vedugo

Dist 9 House: Mohur Sarah Sidhwa*

House: Victoria Steele* ($)

Dist. 10 House: Bruce Wheeler* ($)

Dist. 14 Senate: Patricia V. Fleming

Dist 16 Senate: Scott Prior

Dist 17 House: Karyn Lathan

Dist. 18 Senate: Janie Hydrick* ($)

Dist 20 House: Tonya Norwood* ($)

House: Jackie Thrasher*

Dist. 21 House: Carol Lokare

Dist. 24 Senate: Katie Hobbs* ($)

House: Lela Alston ($)

Dist. 25 Senate: Greg Gadek

House: David Butler

Dist. 29 House: Martin J. Quezada ($)

* indicates a NOW member/contributor

($) indicates that a candidate is not publicly funded and able to accept cash donations.

We strongly encourage NOW members to vote for our endorsed candidates and to contribute to and/or volunteer for their campaigns.

Contact information for the candidates is on the Secretary of State's website at NOWelectwomensign

Paid for by AZ NOW PAC