AZ NOW PAC Endorsement Process

Thank you for running for office!

Aside from the obvious benefits of running for office, YOU are providing a model for feminists to be a part of our democratic process. We applaud and want to support you on your journey!

The AZ NOW Political Action Committee (PAC) vets candidates for federal and state offices based on voting record, public statements, personal character, and survey results.

At the federal level, NOW PAC relies on recommendations from the NOW state organization (that’s us) that is familiar with the candidate’s record and positions.

View the list and profiles of past endorsed candidates.

Submission Process

  1. Go to the form for your candidacy:
  2. Either:
    • Complete and submit the form online.
    • Email your completed form to
  3. Once your application is received, the AZ NOW PAC completes the screenings and informs you of our decision and next steps. Some candidates may have a follow-up interview.

On behalf of the AZ NOW Board and AZ NOW PAC, we wish you very success in your feminist campaign!

Questions? Contact Us!

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