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National NOW PAC has endorsed the following candidates for the 2016 General Election:

Raul Grijalva for Congressional District 3, 

Mikel Weisser for Congressional District 4,

Talia Fuentes for Congressional District 5,

Ruben Gallego for Congressional District 7 and

Kyrsten Sinema for Congressional District 9.

These endorsement’s are based on the AZ NOW PAC federal candidate endorsement survey and resulting recommendation. Find out more about all NOW PAC federal endorsed candidates at


U.S. Senate

Rep. Kirkpatrick portrait_high resAnn Kirkpatrick,

Endorsed for U.S. Senator 2016

Ann Kirkpatrick (D-AZ U.S. Senate)
Feminist Representative Ann Kirkpatrick is challenging Republican incumbent John McCain to be the first woman U.S. Senator of Arizona. Because of her strong stances on equal pay, marriage equality, living wages and reproductive rights, NOW PAC has endorsed her campaign. The election of Rep. Kirkpatrick will ensure much needed continuity in the advancement of a progressive, feminist agenda and is necessary for the defense of Native American rights.
Arizona Roots
Born on a Native American reservation and raised in the White Mountains of Eastern Arizona by two working-class parents, Ann’s upbringing fostered in her commitments to the tribal communities and middle class families of Arizona. Her dedication to Arizona families led her to protect them as the first woman deputy county attorney in Coconino City. There, she fought against domestic violence and for survivors– a fight she brought to Congress with her support of the Violence Against Women Act.Feminist Politics
During her terms in Congress, Ann has consistently supported women’s rights, the LGBT community, Native American rights, public education and the environment.

  • Defends reproductive rights by supporting public abortion funding and birth control
  • Opposes parental notification for abortions
  • Voted YES on reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act
  • Voted YES for the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act
  • Voted YES for paid parental leave for federal employees
  • Voted for the inclusion of violence against the LGBT community in the Hate Crimes Act
  • Cosponsored bills to support Native American communities
  • Advocate for investing in public education; opposed repeated attempts to cut Pell Grants
  • Strong advocate for fighting global climate change.

Race to the Senate
Rep. Kirkpatrick faces serious challenges in her run against the name-recognition of incumbent John McCain in a vastly Republican state. We need Ann’s determination to defend the interests of Arizonian women in the shadow of increasing conservative opposition to social progression. A government run by innovative, trailblazing people like Ann Kirkpatrick will be the future of our country. Help us make the future NOW. Vote Ann Kirkpatrick for U.S. Senator.
For more information about Ann Kirkpatrick, see her campaign website at

Victoria Steele
Endorsed for Primary Election U.S. House
Arizona, District 2

For information about Victoria Steele, see her campaign website at

U.S. Congress District 4

weisserMikel Weisser

Endorsed for U.S. House
Arizona, District 4

Find out more information about Mikel Weisser, see his campaign website at

U.S. Congress District 5

talia-fuentes-headshotTalia Fuentes

Endorsed for U.S. House
Arizona, District 5

Find out more information about Talia Fuentes, see her campaign website at

U.S. Congress District 7


Ruben Gallego

Endorsed for U.S. House
Arizona, District 7

Find out more information about Ruben Gallego, see his campaign website at

Endorsed for U.S. House
Arizona, District 9

Find out more information about Kirsten Sinema, see her campaign website at

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