Arizona Elections Matter!

For the Supreme Court, women’s lives and safety don’t matter. The justices unanimously voted to get rid of buffer zones around clinics that protect patients and employees. For the majority of the Supreme Court, women’s personal beliefs and decisions about birth control don’t matter. They ruled that the beliefs of for-profit corporations take precedence. If this continues, we will lose our right to safe and legal abortion.

We need to stem the tide!

We MUST elect more pro-choice women and men to represent us in our state and in federal offices, and we URGENTLY NEED to protect our current pro-choice congressional and legislative representatives.

Arizona NOW PAC is asking for your financial support so that we can help our endorsed candidates who are not funded by Clean Elections.

Our PAC coffers are almost empty. Please give whatever you can afford! You may donate online via PayPal, or send your contribution (payable to AZ NOW PAC) with your name, address, occupation, and employer’s name to:

AZ NOW PAC, c/o Sheila Ogea, 2341 N Pyrite, Mesa 85207-2509

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