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VA Ratified the ERA

After being thwarted by republican members the previous year, Virginia legislators gathered enough votes to formally ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, joining Nevada and Illinois as post turn-of-the-century additions, and becoming the threshold 38th state to do so.

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AZ and VA Raced to Become State #38

The ERA Task Force AZ (headed by our own Dianne Post) kicked into high gear as Arizona NOW and ERA supporters fought to make ours the 38th State to Ratify. A Donation of $3,838.38 was made to the task force by AZNOW and numerous donations of $38.38 were gathered. Nearing the voting deadline, supporters marched 38 miles to the state capitol, stopping at historical feminist landmarks along the way.

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Illinois Joins Nevada in Ratifying the ERA

With not more than one vote to spare, the Illinois house voted to Ratify the ERA after the Senate did so earlier. State Representatives Juliana Stratton and Litesa Wallace voted in favor and shared the moment on social media with Stratton proclaiming "...This is the moment it happened!".

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Marches Erupt Worldwide in Celebration & Support of Women

Recent events and a spur of the moment facebook post triggered a worldwide movement as thousands across Arizona and the nation held vigils and took to the streets in a weekend of celebration and show of support for women.

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Trump Shocks the World

Contrary to a consensus in the polls, and in the wake of widespread criticism, Donald Trump and Mike Pence defeated Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine in the 2016 Presidential election.

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Gay Marriage Bans Struck Down

During a period of Presidential and perhaps national "evolution" on same-sex unions, the Supreme court ruled that same-sex couples are guaranteed equal marriage rights under the Constitution. The final opinion, 5-4, appeared to many to be along political (perhaps even party) lines.

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Riots Rage after Police Shootings

Armed with new technologies and social media, police brutality was captured by onlookers nationwide, notably toward poor minorities, leading to riots in several cities. The most prominent of these occured in St. Louis, MO, after video of an unarmed teen (Michael Brown) being shot was widely shared.

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Mass Surveilance Exposed

A key moment in an age of widespread information, NSA contractor, Edward Snowden, alleged mass surveilance by the United States and fled the country in search of asylum. Snowden was ultimately taken in by Russia after releasing top secret documents through WikiLeaks.

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Obama Cruises to 2nd Term

In a lopsided victory, Barack Obama and Joe Biden defeated Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in the 2012 Presidential election.

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