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Final National and Arizona NOWPAC Candidate Endorsements
10.18.2016 - Today, Kathryn Baumgardner, AZ NOW PAC Coordinator, released the total set of endorsements for the upcoming general election.
​The National NOW PAC has endorsed Hillary Clinton for U.S. President, Ann Kirkpatrick for U.S. senator, and five out of nine possible congressional races for a total of seven endorsed federal candidates. AZ NOW PAC has endorsed candidates in the State Legislature, Maricopa County and school board races with a total of 35 endorsed candidates.
​Listed here are endorsements of candidates resulting from their voting records, public statements, current endorsement survey answers and possible resulting interview. Feminists dedicated to electing a majority of public officials who are committed to the advancement of women’s rights at all levels of political office can depend on these endorsements.
            National NOW AZ Congress Endorsements: Raul Grijalva - Congressional District 3, Mikel Weisser - Congressional District 4, Talia Fuentes - Congressional District 5, Ruben Gallego - Congressional District 7, Kyrsten Sinema - Congressional District 9
            AZ NOW PAC Endorsements for Maricopa County: Diego Rodriguez – Maricopa County Attorney, Michelle Robertson – Maricopa County Superintendent of Schools, Jana Lynn Granillo – Board of Directors, Maricopa County Special Healthcare District, District 1 
              AZ NOW PAC Endorsements for School Board: Jeanee Casteen – Creighton Governing School Board, Amy McSheffrey – Creighton Governing School Board, Kiana Maria Sears – Mesa Unified School District Governing Board, Lynné Almy – Phoenix Elementary School District Governing Board, Lela Alston – PUHSD Governing School Board, Ericka Nicholes – Roosevelt School Governing Board
              AZ NOW PAC Endorsements for State Senate: Andrea Dalessandro – LD 2 State Senate, Nikki Check Bagley – LD 6 State Senate, Barbara McGuire – State Senate LD 8, Ralph Atchue – LD 11 State Senate, Tonya MacBeth – LD 15, State Senate, Scott Prior – LD 16 State Senate, Sean Bowie – LD 18 State Senate, Michael Muscato – LD 22 State Senate, Eric Meyer- LD 28 State Senate, Martin Quezada – LD 29 State Senate
                AZ NOW PAC Endorsements for State Representative: Daniel Hernandez Jr –LD 2 State Representative, Carmen Casillas – LD 8 State Representative, Randall Friese – LD 9 State Representative, Pamela Powers Hannley – LD 9 State Representative, Kristen Engel – LD 10 State Representative, Corin Hammond – LD 11, State Representative, Brandon Dwyer – LD 15 State Representative, Cara Prior – LD 16 State Representative, Sharon Standard – LD 16 State Representative, Denise “Mitzi” Epstein – LD 18 State Representative, Deanna Rasmussen-Lacotta – LD 21 State Representative, Tammy Caputi – LD 23 State Representative, Ken Clark LD 24 House Representative, Lela Alston – LD 24 House Representative, Kathleen Rahn – LD 25 State Representative, Kelli Butler – LD 28 State Representative
Contact: Kathryn Baumgardner,, 602-430-9454
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