Central Phoenix / Inez Casiano NOW chapter is screening the documentary EQUAL MEANS EQUAL  TRAILER LINK
equalmeansequal_era_because_women_are_equal#EQUALMEANSEQUAL offers an unflinching look at how women are treated in the United States today. Examining both real-life stories and precedent-setting legal cases, director Kamala Lopez uncovers how outdated and discriminatory attitudes inform and influence seemingly disparate issues, from workplace harassment to domestic violence, rape and sexual assault to the foster care system, and the healthcare conglomerate to the judicial system. Along the way, she reveals the inadequacy of present laws that claim to protect women, ultimately presenting a compelling and persuasive argument for the urgency of ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment.
June 15, 2017 The Newton, Phoenix Arizona 5-9PM 300 W Camelback 85013

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Here is your  ACTION ALERT 3/25/2017 from Dianne Post, Legislative Liaison AZ NOW:
Of primary concern is SB1367 interfering with women’s right to make decisions about their own families.  Please watch the video link and take action. Mother Opposed to SB 1367 Published on Mar 16, 2017, 2:25 minutes - Anmarie Stone's powerful testimony during the House Judiciary and Public Safety Committee Hearing on SB 1367.
There are only two committee hearings.  The extension of time for TANF cash assistance and SNAP (food stamp) benefits in HB2372 is hotly contested with Democrats opposing the harsh conditions imposed on beneficiaries.  It will be heard on Tuesday, March 28 so please read the bill and submit your position.
A striker has brought back a bill on consumer loans allowing companies to charge exorbitant interest rates for small loans for the most vulnerable people and then punish them greatly for not being able to pay.  Please take action on HB2496.
The following bills are on Governor Ducey’s desk.  Please contact him to sign the bills.
HB2208 – allowing school personnel to assist a child with an inhaler
HB2444 – giving privilege to sexual assault victim advocates
SB1422 – vacating the conviction of a sex trafficking victim
The following bills are also on Governor Ducey’s desk.  Please contact him to VETO the bills.
SB1239 – making it a parking violation to be over the line on disability parking
SB1439 – allowing medical facilities to refuse to follow a person’s end of life decisions

HCR2002 Repeal Prop 105, allowing legislature the right to repeal citizens initiative or referenda OPPOSE Passed in House, not scheduled in Senate; Should be dead.
HCR 2007 Allow legislature to repeal referenda OPPOSE Passed in House, not scheduled in Senate.  Should be dead.
HCR2013 Constitutional convention for balanced budget – no, the last thing we need now is a constitutional convention run by the Alt Right to re-write the constitution, probably don’t need since have the one above OPPOSE – Passed House, passed Senate committee 4-3; Contact Senate President Steve Yarbrough to encourage him NOT to schedule for floor.  Contact your own Senator to vote against.
HCR2016 Care enough to get in the way of bullying etc. SUPPORT, PASSED House, No Senate action. Probably dead.
HB 2054 Foreign Corporations register to donate to or participate in initiative process SUPPORT  - PASSED House, sent to Senate, passed Senate Judiciary on 3/16.  Contact Senate President Steve Yarbrough to encourage him to schedule the bill for a floor vote. Contact your own Senator to vote for.
HB2091 Repeal required fingerprinting for TANF, SNAP SUPPORT - PASSED HOUSE, Passed Senate HHS on 3/15. Contact Senate President Steve Yarbrough to encourage him to schedule the bill for a floor vote.
Contact your own Senator to vote for.
HB 2208 Inhalers, administration – allows teachers and school personnel to assist a child with an inhaler SUPPORT Senate passed and sent to Governor for signature on 3/23.  Contact Ducey in favor.
HB2226 Request Article V convention to balance budget, probably don’t need due to SCR2014 above OPPOSE - PASSED House, Passed Senate appropriations, Contact Senate President Steve Yarbrough to encourage him NOT to schedule for a floor vote.  Contact your own Senator to vote against.
HB2238 Sex trafficking –WAS A STRIKE EVERYTHING – changed child prostitution to child sex trafficking, simply put sex trafficking in place of word prostitution, SUPPORT – Passed Senate 29-0 as amended and transmitted back to the House on 3/23.  The Senate amendment clarified that there still is a crime of child prostitution for which sex offenders and internet violators need to register.
Needs conference committee by 4/14.
HB2268 Must submit sexual assault evidence kits in 15 days, annual reporting on rape kits Governor signed bill on 3/21.
HB2302 Electoral College – shall vote for candidate with highest # of votes in state PASSED HOUSE, passed Senate Judiciary, awaiting floor, MIXED OPINIONS
HB2320 Ballot measures, put on disclosure about 105 OPPOSE, Passed House, not heard in Senate; should be dead.
HB2290 Provisional licenses, criminal convictions SUPPORT, Passed House, Passed Senate Commerce and Public Safety 6-1-1, awaiting Rules and floor.  Contact Senate President Steve Yarbrough to encourage him to schedule.
Contact your own Senator to support.
HB2372 Regarding food stamp eligibility and an additional 12 months of cash assistance– Democrats oppose harsh conditions and graduated sanctions to obtain benefits.  To obtain the additional 12 months of benefits, recipients have to meet work and school requirements. SUPPORT/READ to determine your own stand as there is dispute – Passed House, passed Senate HHS. Senate Appropriations hearing on 3/28, sign in with RTS or contact chair Debbie Lesko,, 602 926 5413.
HB2403 Clean elections, prohibited contributions – cannot pay a political party for any services OPPOSE Passed House, no action in Senate, should be dead.
HB2404 Strict compliance for initiatives – trying to diminish voter power, guarantee signatures, file a bond, punish organization for individual violation, criminal background check, can’t pay based on number of signatures OPPOSE – Passed, Sent to Governor, Ducey who signed
HB2408 Making wheelchair only parking spaces and decals OPPOSE – Passed House, held in Senate Transportation and Technology committee.  Should be dead.
HB2444 Sexual assault, victim advocate, privilege SUPPORT – Passed, Sent to Governor on 3/23.
Contact Ducey to sign it.
HB2496 Pay Day Loans – a striker bill to bring back exorbitant interest on small loans and suck money from the most poor and vulnerable.  We keep telling them we do not want this in AZ but it’s a vampire bill that keeps coming back. OPPOSE – Passed Senate appropriations 6-4 on 3/21.
Contact Senate President Steve Yarbrough to encourage him NOT to schedule.  Contact your own Senator and two representatives to oppose.
SB1009 Theft of flag is crime- Kavanagh
we already have a law prohibiting theft, we don’t need another one specially for the flag.  It’s aimed at demonstrators.
OPPOSE  - Passed Senate, no action in House; should be dead.
SB1069 Greatly reduced to simply say that if your sentence is set aside, you can answer “no” on the employment question regarding conviction SUPPORT - Passed Senate, no action in House; Probably dead.
SB1071 Can get provisional licenses for vocations with criminal convictions (HB2290) SUPPORT Passed Senate, Passed House Military Veterans and Regulations, 9-0.
Contact House Speaker, J.D. Mesnard to encourage him to schedule for floor.
Contact your own two representatives to support.
SB1108 Cash assistance to children allowed if living with unrelated adult and in DCS care SUPPORT -  Passed Senate, Passed Health and Rules in House, Contact House Speaker, J.D. Mesnard to encourage him to schedule for floor.
Contact your own two representatives to support it.
SB1128 Fetal death – (Lesko) not about abortion but if don’t make a category of exclusion for fetal death, the patient cannot be counted in survey PASSED House 30-0. Passed House 55-0
SB1158 Borrelli, TF – ending court debts in 20 years, fine mitigation, non payment does not mean revocation, can mitigate if hardship, pays money to person not probation officer, community restitution, time spent on other crimes counts, can waive interest and it’s down from 10% to 4%, SUPPORT - PASSED Senate, no hearings yet in House, probably dead.
SB1160 Borrelli – TF – driving violation, restricted rather than suspended license, w/o glasses is misd, violation is civil not criminal, cop cannot take car unless driving on revoked not suspended license, and several other positive provisions. SUPPORT, Passed in Senate, No hearings yet in House, probably dead.
SB1163 Borrelli – TF – hearing bonds, release procedures, replace bail with bond, replace bail schedule except for misd, hearing if keep in, conditions of release SUPPORT, Passed Senate, no hearings yet in House, probably dead.
SB1198 Public accommodation, services, civil actions – Kavanagh, to allow businesses an extra 90 days to comply with Americans with Disabilities Law – they have already had 26 years. OPPOSE – Passed Senate, FAILED in Judiciary on 3/22, should be dead but be careful of vampire bills.
SB1239 Making it a parking violation to be on access aisles for disabilities – Kavanagh  - pits one part of the disability community against another. OPPOSE – Passed Senate, passed House, sent to governor on 3/23.Contact Ducey to veto it.
SB1253 Cops can review the video tapes of a use of force incident before giving a statement – opposite of best practice OPPOSE – Passed Senate, passed House Judiciary Held in Rules on 3/20. Should be dead but beware of vampire bills.
SB1254 Charter schools can refuse to admit kids from a school under desegregation order. Charter schools should have the same responsibilities as public schools.  Both parties voted for it. OPPOSE – Passed Senate, passed House education and rules. Contact House Speaker, J.D. Mesnard to encourage him NOT to schedule.   Contact your own two representatives to oppose.
SB1278 Appropriation for felony pretrial intervention SUPPORT – passed Senate, held in House Judiciary, passed House appropriations,
Contact House Speaker, J.D. Mesnard to encourage him to schedule on floor.
Contact your own two representatives to support.
SB1315 DR – amended to add “substantial” to the evaluation of which parent gives the other access to children.  It harms battered women and those protecting abused and molested children because they are not willing to give “substantial” time as they are protecting the child so they are punished often by losing custody all together to the abuser. OPPOSE – passed Senate, no action in House.  Should be dead.
SB1342 Requiring search warrants for tracking devices and cell simulators (sting ray) SUPPORT - Passed Senate, Passed House Judiciary committee & Rules; Contact House Speaker, J.D. Mesnard to encourage him to schedule it for the floor.  Contact your own two representatives to support it.
SB1355 Rights of sexual assault survivor, testing of DNA and match etc. SUPPORT – passed Senate, no action in House. Probably dead.
SB1366 Police officer victim is an aggravating factor – NO already have as a felony OPPOSE – PASSED Senate, passed House Judiciary & rules. Contact House Speaker, J.D. Mesnard to encourage him NOT to schedule.   Contact your own two representatives to oppose.
SB1367 Reporting a life birth from an abortion or punish doctor unless s/he tries to keep fetus alive. This requires abortion clinics to have expensive equipment and file additional reports or a doctor could be criminally charged – attempt to make abortion more difficult.  It also interferes with family decisions when fetus is not viable. Please see this video testimony from a mother who had to go through this trauma.  We don’t need state legislators making these decisions for us. OPPOSE – Passed Senate, Passed House Judiciary & Rules; Contact House Speaker, J.D. Mesnard to encourage him NOT to schedule.  Contact your own two representatives to oppose it should it come to floor.
SB1406 Establishes a juvenile justice reform committee study SUPPORT - Passed Senate 30-0, Hearing in House Appropriations on 3/29. Sign in with RTS or contact chair Don Shooter,, 602 926 4139
SB1422 Vacate conviction of sex trafficking victim including for ordinance, cannot use as prior conviction for future punishment SUPPORT Passed Senate, Passed House 53-3. Sent to Ducey on 3/22. Contact Ducey to sign it.
SB1439 No discrimination against health care agencies that REFUSE end of life care decisions by patients. Could interfere with advance directives. OPPOSE – Passed Senate, passed House 32-24, Sent to Ducey on  3/22. Contact Ducey to veto it.

Below are upcoming deadlines.  Things will speed up as they approach the end of the session.  It is important to act right away or the time is gone.
4/14/17            Last day for conference committee
4/18/17            100th Day of the Session
4/29/17            Session can only be extended by House or Senate vote.
Thank you Dianne Post for bringing us timely reports on what's going on in AZ Legislature!

#NOWaz Reposting 1-3-17 Peaceful Unity March in solidarity with the Women's March on Washington, 1-3pm Saturday, 1-21-17, 45 Birch Blvd (West Sedona) Marching 89A to the first traffic light with signs (we have peaceful message signs for you or feel free to bring your own).
sedona-womens-marchFor More Information, Website: Women’s March on Washington: Sedona, Arizona Facebook Event: Click here
We will march together in several Arizona locations, including Sedona, on January 21, 2017 in support of the WOMEN’S March on Washington, as people of all genders, ages, colors, and personal expressions, to speak out for equality, freedom, and justice in the United States. We will march to support each other, because we recognize our mutual respect for, and commitment to, justice for all, and to inclusiveness as a key American value.
img_4104-2Our country is experiencing an increased tolerance for the expression of hatred, prejudice, and violence. We meet that with its opposite: vigilance, activism, and our consistent, clear, public expression of our own values. To paraphrase Eleanor Roosevelt, we will not waste time cursing the darkness; we are lighting our candles. We oppose the darkness by calling it out, and by standing firm in our own core beliefs. We overcome our own anger, fear, and despair by standing together in contrast to the frightening noise now taking center stage in America. Enough positive, active, energetic support of the good we believe in creates a tipping point over which hatred, and ignorance cannot win.
We support protection for undocumented families living here. We demand protection for children of all colors, faiths, abilities, backgrounds, and genders. We march to support refugees who need safe haven, as we recognize that unless we are descended from American Indians, we are either immigrants, or descendants of an immigrant. We are a nation of immigrants. We march to support protection of not only constitutional guarantees, but of the principles and values we were proud of in our youth, those values we believed embodied America before we grew old enough to know how far we are from that vision.
img_4103-4We invite any families, or immigrants, whose security has been threatened. If you are in that situation, or have an inroad to those communities, please, please share this with them. We would like to make it clear that we support these folks.
Please join us. We will have signs, but feel free to bring your own. Keep the message positive. We need to show that the vision of our country now being presented is not one we accept, nor will we stop creating the country we want to share with others. So, keep your signs positive, to build toward the creation of a fair and equal nation, or just show up, and carry one already made.

grand-central-coffee-houseCome and enjoy breakfast, learn something new and take action for women’s rights with like-minded women!
The Inez Casiano/Central Phoenix NOW chapter will have its monthly meeting on Sunday, Oct. 23, 10-11:30 am at Grand Coffee, 718 N Central Ave.
IMG_1625.JPGOur speaker will be January Contreras, managing attorney for Arizona Legal Women and Youth Services to talk about immigrant women and trafficking.
Our action item will be to write letters to the County Board of Supervisors asking them not to appropriate money to Arpaio to defend a suit that attorney Joy Bertrand won against shackling pregnant and birthing women.


10:00 – 10:05             Call to Order and Welcome – Johnson
10:05 – 10:10             Approval of September minutes
10:10 – 10:25                         Reports:

  • President Report – Interim President Christian Johnson – status of grievance
  • Treasurer’s Report–Interim Kathryn Baumgardner
    • Status of account
  • State PAC – Kathryn Baumgardner, state and presidential elections

10:25 – 10:40             Old Business:
19th Amendment Celebration – Tsoudis
Debate/Election watch parties – Post
Annual Plan for 2016-2017 & Elections – Johnson, on                                                        hold till grievance resolved
10:40 – 10:55                         New Business:
NOW endorsed Candidates
Women police chief/fire chief – recogniton? Post
10:55 – 11:15             Presenter
January Contreras – CEO/Managing Attorney,                                                                     ALWAYS, Arizona Legal Women and Youth Services
11:15 – 11:25             Action – letters about shackling
11:25 – 11:30             Announcements:
                                    Push Comes to Shove: Women and Power, Oct 1-Jan. 8, SMoCA,                                                 Scottsdale, art as a catalyst for the transformation of women’s role in                             society.
Women's Rights and Planned Parenthood Support Rally
Weekly rally in Tempe, check them out
Next Meeting:           Grand Coffee, 718 N Central, November 27, 10 a.m.

#ImWithHer Presidential Debate Watching Party*
Monday 9-26-16 @ 5:30 Tuck's Shop
2245 N 12th St Phoenix
*if it's actually happening.
#AZNOW love's ALL our #FeministCandidates
Join us for tapas style menu & feminist fun!


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