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Statement of Katherine Spillar
Executive Director, Feminist Majority
“Women have the power to determine the outcome of the 2016 presidential and U.S. Senate race in Arizona. More women than men will be voting and if current trends hold, the election is likely to have the largest gender gap in history – reaching a 15-point or larger difference between women and men in their choice for our nation’s political leadership. The Feminist Majority enthusiastically supports Hillary Clinton for President and Ann Kirkpatrick for U.S. Senate. And here’s why.
“The make-up of the Supreme Court – currently split 4 to 4 on fundamental issues of women’s equality – is at stake. Hillary Clinton will appoint, and Ann Kirkpatrick will approve, Justices who will defend women’s rights. Trump has said he will appoint Justices who are in the mold of Antonin Scalia who McCain has praised and who was one of the most extreme conservative voices on the court opposing women’s and civil rights.
“Hillary Clinton and Ann Kirkpatrick will fight for women’s health and reproductive rights including access to contraception and abortion. Trump has said women should be punished for abortion. McCain has repeatedly voted to oppose women’s access to contraception.
“Hillary Clinton and Ann Kirkpatrick have fought to protect Social Security and prohibit lowering benefits – benefits that are often the only source of income for older women. Trump and McCain would privatize Social Security – allowing Wall Street to gamble with women’s older years.
“Hillary Clinton and Ann Kirkpatrick have been leaders in efforts to end violence against women. Hillary has pledged to fight to expand the federal law prohibiting domestic abusers from possessing guns and to fight the epidemic of sexual violence against women in college.
“The Access Hollywood video tells us all we need to know about what Donald Trump thinks about sexual assault against women. What’s more, we are not shocked, because repeated press accounts over the past months reported on similar behavior and comments by Mr. Trump. On Monday, USA Today reported that “… at least 20 separate lawsuits accuse Trump and managers at his companies of discriminating against women, ignoring sexual harassment complaints and even participating in the harassment themselves.” And then there’s Mr. Trump’s comments about Mexicans, Muslims, a disabled reporter, and the Central Park Five.
So, when we hear Republican Senate candidate John McCain say he is “offended” by the videotaped comments and can “no longer support Mr. Trump” – we want to know “Mr. McCain – what took you so long?”
“On equal pay for women, worker’s rights and workplace equality, LGBTQ equality, immigration reform and climate change – we know that Hillary Clinton and Ann Kirkpatrick are leaders. We urge ALL Arizona citizens – and especially Arizona women – to vote for Hillary Clinton for President and Ann Kirkpatrick for US Senate.”
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