AZ NOW PAC just turned up the heat as

women’s votes will decide the future.

Phoenix, Arizona, June 3, 2016 - Today, Kathryn Baumgardner, AZ NOW PAC Coordinator, released the first set of endorsements for the upcoming election.
Based on answers to our survey, AZ NOW PAC endorses: Lela Alston - PUHSD Governing School Board & LD 24 House Representative * Ken Clark LD 24 House Representative * Jeanee Casteen - Creighton Governing School Board  * Amy McSheffrey - Creighton Governing School Board * Jana Lynn Granillo - Board of Directors, Maricopa County Special Healthcare District, District 1 * Maritza Miranda Saenz - LD 27 State Senate, Referendum: Stop Corruption Now AZ.
The heat is on and AZ NOW’s membership vows to fight fire with the hottest weapons – their social media prowess and their vote. The campaign e-trail will begin aflame with worthy feminist’s freedom fighters, up-and-comers and one fierce campaign worthy of the Arizona NOW PAC Endorsement that are listed here (and more to come). AZ NOW PAC is determined to elect a majority of public officials who are committed to the advancement of women’s rights in all levels of political office.  The AZ NOW PAC bases their endorsement questions on a broad feminist agenda that includes: Reproductive rights and justice, Economic justice, Ending violence against women, Racial justice, LBGT rights, and Constitutional Equality.
National NOW endorses Ann Kirkpatrick for US Senate. This endorsement is based on the AZ NOW PAC federal candidate endorsement survey and resulting recommendation.
Contact: Kathryn Baumgardner, AZ NOW PAC Coordinator,



Statement of NOW President Terry O'Neill
WASHINGTON – The National Organization for Women (NOW) condemns the Supreme Court’s cavalier disregard for the physical safety – the lives, even — of women seeking abortion care and the health care providers who serve them. In a country where patients and doctors have endured horrific violence at the hands of what can only be called domestic terrorism, the Court’s denial of basic protection in the form of a buffer zone is unconscionable.
Deeply out of touch with the realities of women’s lives, the Roberts’ Court rejected the need for buffer zones around women’s health clinics. It simply dismissed the fact that the Massachusetts buffer zone law was passed after a gunman attacked two Massachusetts clinics, killing two people and injuring five others. Violence and harassment against clinics has continued right up to the present. While the Court was deliberating on this decision, a clinic in Montana was so severely vandalized that it was shut down and may not reopen.
The Roberts’ Court’s disregard for women’s safety is made even worse by the Court’s hypocrisy in maintaining its own 100-foot buffer zone, which the Chief Justice has defended as necessary to preserve proper “order and decorum” in the vicinity of the Supreme Court building in Washington, D.C. How is it that the Court is more deserving of this protection than women seeking essential reproductive healthcare?
NOW’s grassroots leaders and activists are mobilizing to take back our courts from the right-wing onslaught against women’s equality. For starters, we suggest that what is good for the goose is good for the gander, and call on Chief Justice Roberts to take down his own buffer zone.