Greetings NOW members,
Happy New Year - a new year with lots of challenges!
We need you now more than ever as the attack on women and other social groups is unfortunately strong against all of us. We appreciate your membership and involvement.  
Please take the time to attend our meeting on Sunday, 1/22.
We have a new location: Arizona Commission on the Arts 417 W Roosevelt St, Phoenix, Arizona 85003
If you cannot attend the meeting, please follow the Chapter website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook page &/or subscribe to our by monthly newsletter.
We need your participation in various activities. There are several events going on.
January 20 and 21st:
Friday, January 20- Protest at the Capitol ( 9 am)
Friday, January 20- Peace Vigil at Hance Park (7 pm) Safety Pin Nation 
Saturday, January 21- Women’s March at the Capitol ( 10 am) We need you to help staff the table we will have. Please let us know if you can help.
I hope to see you at the meeting or an upcoming event. Thank you for being a NOW member. Our voices are needed more now than ever!
Olga Tsoudis Interim NOW President Inez Casiano Central Phoenix Chapter
For more information:

Safety Pin Nation, "...those who wear safety pins are considered "safe places". In Spanish, the words "safety pin" translate to "los imperdibles", or, "those which cannot be lost". Safety Pin Nation™ is made up of many different individuals supporting a myriad of important causes that we believe cannot be lost..." Find out more at

Woman's March on Washington - Phoenix "Become the soul of the nation." Find out more at